Israel Doesn’t Need America’s Protection

I have been concerned with our current administration’s seeming unconcern for the safety of Israel.  When President Obama tells the Jewish people: We have got your back, what does he really mean?  Presently, rockets are being fired on Israel and we have said very little as to what our plans in this might be.  I would have expected more by now.  However, the president said that Israel has every right to defend itself and it is apparent they are.

The news reports that Hamas is shelling Israel, from Gaza with Iranian made rockets, upward of 200 per day capable of reaching up to 50 miles into Israel.  Recently Israel has destroyed Hamas’s long-range arsenal.  The threat of a nuclear attack from Iran appears to be getting closer or will they ship a nuclear bomb to one of their Hamas’s bases to hit Israel?  Hamas has units in Iran, Sudan and Lebanon in addition to the Gaza Strip all desiring to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  Will America intervene?

In my daily reading of the Bible I came across Isaiah chapter 31 and as often happens, it made me think that what was written hundreds of years ago could apply today.

Isaiah 31:1 – 3 – “What sorrow awaits those who look to Egypt for help, trusting their horses, chariots, and charioteers and depending on the strength of human armies instead of looking to the Lord, the Holy One of Israel.   In his wisdom, the Lord will send great disaster; he will not change his mind.  He will rise against the wicked and against their helpers.  For these Egyptians are mere humans, not God! Their horses are puny flesh, not mighty spirits! When the Lord raises his fist against them, those who help will stumble, and those being helped will fall.  They will all fall down and die together.”  NLT

I believe the Lord is telling the Israelites that they should not be looking for military help from other nations.  They were told to put their trust in God for their protection.  In fact, if they put their trust in others rather than God, He could not protect them. That doesn’t necessarily reject help from others but their dependency must be from God and not others.  So what is Israel doing now?  Are they repenting and praying or continuing to live in a secular manner?  Don’t we ever realize when bad things sometimes happen, God is telling us to change direction, repent and start focusing on Him?

I am afraid that Israelites are like many Americans.  We put our trust much more in our military than we do in God.  It is great to be prepared however; we must understand that we have a more reliable defense from God than all the weapons we have accumulated.  When it comes to terrorism I would be less concerned if we were the Christian nation I remember as a child.

American soldiers have fought enough wars to realize there have been many times when God has intervened and saved many from potential disaster. I had seven cousins in World War II and you should listen to some of their “A God Thing” stories. Having served in the Navy, during war time, I have heard many war stories when results seemed supernatural. I have lived through enough wars: World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. to realize the affect it has on one’s prayer life when either you or a family member is involved.  But do we need wars and rumors of war to set our priorities toward God?  I certainly trust God more than I do government.  I see Israel needing America’s help only if they refuse to repent and put their trust in God.

Our winning World War II could have been the ability to create the atomic bomb.  The use of the bomb potentially saved millions of lives.  It did end our war with Japan.  What if we didn’t have the mental capacity to build some of the defense armament we have today?  Are we just smart or did God instigate the idea in the minds of U. S. engineers for American use rather than for our enemies?  It is sad to see Americans ignoring God and living immoral, secular lives.  Can we count on God’s help in times of need as we have in the past?  I hope so but wouldn’t it be better to know so?

There are a number of groups trying to take God out of our society.  Don’t let them!  Americans: Stop being deceived by Satan and his emissaries and turn to God.  Don’t you realize Satan wants Israel and America destroyed and we both need God’s protection?

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  1. Good words of remembrance Don. Thank you…


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