Presidential Election – Which Direction?

Do you chose to stay as a Capitalistic nation or would you rather become a socialistic country? This is our choice. A socialistic nation will have Mayor Bloomberg tell us how much we can drink and Michelle Obama will tell us what we can eat. President Obama will tell us we need more rules and regulations and a bigger government. Government will provide more entitlements until we run out of money.

One of the seven deadly sins is ENVY. We know that envy can cause unhappiness. If an envious person can’t have what another one has they don’t want that person to have it either. Does a wealthy person have things you know you can’t obtain make you hope the government will take those things from them?

Envy is a tremendous motivator. In fact, class warfare is hyping the emotions in people that will create envy. Have you believed that the wealthy need to give what they have so others can be better off? You may have heard of the college professor who told his class, the first day that everyone in the class was going to receive the same grade. All grades would be averaged and the average is what the class would receive. The first exam resulted in some A’s, B’s and F’s. They averaged out to be a C+ and that was the grade everyone received. The next test there were no A’s and more F’s. They received a C- for the class. By the time the semester was over no one studied for the final test. Everyone failed and the entire class received an F.

Students and parents were attacking the Dean’s office complaining. Parents were shown the final test and most of the questions answered were wrong. They asked the students: how many studied for the final? They said it didn’t make any difference what I did; my grade depended on what everyone else did. Welcome to socialism! Take away competitiveness and motivation and that is what you get. Can you see it eliminated pride in one’s work? I learned that hard work, “preparation” and persistence worked for me.

Most people who do not invest don’t like seeing investors become wealthy. When you attack the 1% for doing well financially it has a tendency to tear us apart as a nation. I am noticing we are no longer listening to each other. We as Christians must never become enemies because we cannot agree. We must always find a way to compromise unless it is immorally wrong.

Presently, I see too many Americans concentrating on the negatives. We have become the world’s largest debtor. The Federal Reserve is printing so much money that inflation has to happen in time. It is too bad that people can’t see the direction we are heading is a means of trying to satisfy instant gratification. We must never allow the idea that government can replace God and charity, and that is where we could be headed.

The only hope I have is that God, being in charge, He will intervene. Maybe the way we are headed is His plan for the End-Time. If that is the case our job is more compelling in spreading His Gospel to the world as we are commanded to do.

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  1. Edwardo Florentino

     /  October 30, 2012

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