What would you be willing to do and for how long if you were guaranteed wealth?  Let’s assume you are a younger adult and Warren Buffett and Bill Gates came to you and said if you do certain things every day for 30 years we will guarantee you five million dollars at the end.  Would that get your interest?  If that were me, I would want to know a little about what was expected.

They assured you would never be asked to do anything that was not ethical or moral.  However, it would mean a complete change in lifestyle.  You would be asked to do certain tasks in which you will always be capable of doing.  Every day you would be given a list of instructions for that time.  You would read them and then execute what you were asked to do.  You were told there would be times when help would be given to you if you are struggling and having problems.  You would be able to communicate with this person whenever needed.  He would also give you guidance and correct you when you did not follow instructions exactly as laid out.  They also require that you enlist others willing to do the same thing for the same reward.  The more you enlist to change their lives and do as they direct, they will make it easier for you.  Will you be willing to share with others what has been promised?

Would you ask yourself: “Am I willing to be obedient and do everyday exactly as I am told”?  Would I be willing to put in the time to prepare and have someone telling me what to do?  How important is that five million dollar guarantee? Is the commitment worth it?

Could you trust those two people that they will keep their promise and after 30 years the wealth would be there?  Could they at anytime break their agreement because you did something you should not have done?  What if they ask things you may not want to do because you have other things to do.  Will you have the patience to put someone else’s agenda ahead of yours?

They have promised that they would pay you each month, a livable income and meet all needs, but in return you are to give 10% of what they give you to charitable needs. That would mean many of your friends may live in better homes and drive nicer cars.  However, in 30 years most would not have what you had unless you could enlist them.

You realize they are going to expect you to be loyal, to deny some of your earthly desires and treat them with the utmost respect.  Would you be willing to become their slave, in some respect, to do whatever they ask and whenever they ask for these two men? Just how important is that five million dollars?  Are you willing to give your all to someone else?

If you are a Christian you know exactly what the above illustration points out.  Instead of receiving an award while on earth ours waits in Heaven.  Why is it we may be willing to do all kinds of things for something we can see and touch; but, unwilling to do something for God whom we cannot see or touch.  Are we willing to trust people to kept their promise and yet have trouble believing that God will do as He promises?

In order to receive money we may read every day.  Yet, fail to spend quality time reading the Bible because that is for delayed gratification. We may allow ourselves to become slaves for money but refuse to become a slave for Christ.  In all honesty, is five million dollars today more import to you than Heaven’s rewards? Do you realize how long eternity is?  Do you trust God to provide more than any two human beings on this earth could ever provide?

What if you put Christ first in everything you do and receive both rewards on earth and in Heaven?  God says if you use His principles both are possible and probable.

If your heart is as hard as shoe leather you may miss the point of this blog.  The only way you might ever change, repent and start a new life is by daily reading the Bible.  For God says He does not wish that any should perish and miss eternal life with Him.

Proverbs 3:5 & 6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”  Taking His path will merit His promises.

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