Come November We Have A Choice Between BIG GOV’T Or FREE ENTERPRISE

Having served my country during war time, I feel a patriotic duty to point out the direction our nation is headed.  We have a choice as to which direction we want our country to go as voters.  We have two candidates with two different ideologies.  President Obama stated:  “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that, someone else made it happen.”  When I started my business in 1987 it would have been great if I had someone to help me, particularly the government.  Now the latest Government regulations have been costly to our business and I am restricted at the amount of information I can provide my clients.  Most of us in business realize the government cannot create wealth.  Gov’t revenues come from American workers and from foreign loans.  Yes, governments can print money based on thin air!

The government did not build America, it was a belief in a God who created each of us with equal opportunities and gave us founders who believed we should be a republic having liberty and freedom to pursue our dreams.  That is exactly what our forefathers did.  Those that succeeded were those who prepared themselves and were willing to take risks that many were unwilling to do.  Many had Pilgrim’s determination that grew this country.

When I started my business my faith and assurance came from God and not from government.  If you have never started a business you may have no idea the requirements you must meet to open your doors.  It doesn’t stop there.  You are continuously reporting and paying taxes.

There are fiscal conservatives who believe all government spending is taxes.  With less government spending and less taxes needed.  The consumer stimulates the economic growth with fewer taxes and more money for buying power.  Progressives think government spending fuels the economy.  The more spending, the more economic growth, the more jobs and more need for taxes. The result can be a huge government of bureaucrats restricting our freedom.

Democrat representatives Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer believe that food stamps and unemployment checks stimulate the economy.  President Obama is working with Mexico to make sure we sign up more Mexican nationals for food stamps.  Nothing like this has ever happened in my lifetime.  This is not Biblical teaching.

II Thessalonians 3:10 – “Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”

The Bible teaches, Genesis 3:19 – “By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made.  For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.”

The Bible is very clear that if we want to eat we need to work for it.  If we live by God’s ways He will meet our needs.  We are being told: don’t worry—the government will meet your needs and it is not necessary to work. All we need is your vote, otherwise you may be held accountable.  Our dependence must be on God and our willingness to work.  Don’t let the government try to take the place of God as they seem to be doing.

What we need is positive leadership.  The genius of entrepreneurship has always made this country run.  It does little good to trash business and put down those who have accumulated wealth.  We must have leaders who encourage and not discourage. Obama said he would increase taxes on the rich, even if it meant less revenue just because it was the fair thing to do.  We don’t need leadership as Sen. Patty Murray (D) has implied; we will take you into a recession if you don’t tax those millionaires.  Why would any administration have it in for small business owners, investors and successful wage earners?  For those of us who lived and worked under the Reagan administration and saw what Americans could produce when we were all pulling together can’t understand why they don’t do the same.  We are sitting on a gigantic opportunity to get this country back to robust growth. Look at North Dakota with an unemployment rate of 2.9% because of natural gas.  We have more natural gas that is the cheapest power in the world.  We could create millions of jobs and raise billions of extra dollars in taxes.  But we have people who do not believe that God put it there for us to consume.  We need leaders who will put more faith in God and get back to the Christian principles that made this country what it was.  When we let those who are anti-God put down Christian principles, we as a country started our rapid decline.  We need leaders who will humble themselves, get on their knees, repent, ask for forgiveness and God’s Holy Spirit to guide them.  Regardless of party affiliation, I doubt if there would be but a few leaders who would even consider doing so.  We need leaders to be like those in the 1770s.  It is apparent we don’t have that many who would put the country ahead of their political ambitions.

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