How Satisfied Are You With Life?

Most people struggle with negative spirits: Have you heard of the spirit of unforgiveness?  Is it possible that our unforgiveness comes from a negative spirit?  The Bible tells us that God says if we will not forgive others, He will not forgive us.  Do you realize how many people may have a spirit that will not allow them to forgive someone who has done them wrong?  Watch TV news or read the newspaper.  Much crime is a result of someone getting even.  “They stole $50 dollars from me so I shot them.”  What about other negative spirits such as: the spirit of selfishness, jealousy, anger, anxiety, guilt, depression, a spirit of hopelessness, unworthiness and others.   It only takes one or two emotional problems to cause a life that is far from being satisfying.   What if these problems really are negative spirits caused by influences from a spirit world?  We realize that from birth these problems can exist.  Just how much influence does Satan and his millions of emissaries have over individuals?

During high school we had a neighbor that could foresee the future.  She stated that I was going to be asked to go to a skating party out of town.  She advised me not to go as something bad was going to happen.  When three of my friends asked, I said no.  They had a serious wreck and all three were injured.  It was weird the things she was able to foresee.  When I was seventeen she told me what my life would be like.  It seems like most of what I can remember came true. I do not believe her gift was from God but from the spirit world.   Since becoming a Christian the Bible says that is not something we should ever become involved in and I haven’t.

I read where one priest in the Catholic Church had participated in over 70,000 exorcisms.  There are more than a thousand priests who do exorcisms.  How many people are possessed to some degree?

This may sound far-fetched, but when I read the New Testament and the time Christ and the Apostles spent healing and driving out evil spirits, I wondered if it was possible that we could be possessed by negative spirits.  John 8:31b & 32 – ““If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

What was Christ going to free us from?  He says the bondage of sin so that we might have a rich and satisfying life.  How much of our problems are caused by negative spirits or spirits that influence how we live?  John 10:10 – “Jesus said: ‘The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.’”

Because of my neighbor, I have been well aware of the paranormal.  I believe in haunted houses and demonic presence.  I had heard stories of people being visited by dead relatives.   So I started wondering, just how much are we affected by the spirit world?  You know millions are demon possessed.  Go to certain posts online and there is anger boiling over.  Some people are overwhelmed with hate.  They are vicious and lash out at others. However, we know demons can influence a Christian without possessing them.   The Holy Spirit would not allow possession.

So what happens when a person becomes a believer in Christ and receives the Holy Spirit?  Do all of one’s emotional problems immediately disappear?  Or, is the Holy Spirit given to help us, one-by-one, rid ourselves of these negative spirits?  We are told to work out our salvation.  That means spiritual maturity is a continuous process.  Is entire sanctification the point when we overcome these negative spirits?  We can get to the point that negative spirits or emotional problems no longer have control over us. It may take time but I know it can happen!

I have known people who always seemed that their anger controlled them. That does not mean a time comes when you will never be angry again.  But you can get to a point that anger no longer controls you and rarely would you ever become angry and your anger does not have to last.

So what must I do to have a satisfying life guaranteed? Do you believe that Christ’s promise can give you a rich and satisfying life?  May I suggest you make a list of every problem or negative spirit that you are dealing with.  You may start with four or five, unless there are more.  Then each day pray that God will allow the Holy Spirit, within you, to help you overcome the control they have on you.  Then pick the one you are having the least problem with and throughout the day pray that the Holy Spirit will help you eliminate that particular problem from your life.  It may take days or weeks.  Do not stop praying daily until you feel it no longer controls you.  Then go to the next one on your list and do the same until you have become rid of each negative spirit that has had control over your life.

You can control the quality of life you want to live.  Or, you can let your problems control you.  You are totally responsible for your reaction regardless what occurs in your life.  You can be the victor or the victim.  God tells many, many times that He wants what is best for us and that is a rich and satisfying life.  So allow the Holy Spirit to make it happen.  Christ wants you to be free.  Are you?

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