Who To Vote For!

It appears we elect many who have never run a business and they make laws for businesses.  There are those elected who have never read the constitution or they ignore it.  We elect people who work for their own good and not for the good of those who elected them.  The direction our country is headed, is not the country that our founding fathers envisioned.  Our elected politicians, in general, are more concerned about their political party and their own re-election than what is best for America.  What I believe is best for America is free market capitalism.  Rather than taking from the rich and sharing with others, give each of us the opportunity to become rich if we are willing to risk and work for it.  For years we had been registered as independents until moving to Nevada. Independents don’t get to vote in primaries, except for independent politicians, which are rare or a wasted vote.

Philippians 2:3 – 5 – “Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.  Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.  You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.” NLT

What kind of changes would we see if every individual elected were to legislate using this Scripture as their guide?  They would realize that selfish ambition can ruin a city, state or a nation.  Being humble gives a person a better perspective about who we are.  They would treat others with respect and common courtesy.  They would work to prevent gridlock.  From our city and many other governments we have had some self-serving politicians that end up in jail.  Do you think they had our best interest at heart?

We have so many politicians coming from different life styles and backgrounds that they find it almost impossible to reach simple agreements.  As a result they are unwilling to consider another’s views and beliefs.  The Bible teaches us to refuse to be selfish, prejudice, jealous or anything that would cause dissension.

Christ gave up His divine rights to serve God and man.  We and politicians should strive to have a servant’s heart.  What I see are a lot of politicians who want to be served but who are unwilling to serve.

Having been on a number of church boards, I see the same problem existing there too.  Church members often find it difficult to be on the same page and be unified in Christ.  There are many different disagreements on non-essential Scripture.  Sometimes it becomes so heated that there is a church split.  We have spent many hours in board meetings discussing how to get unity in the church.  There were as many leaving via the back door of the church over disagreements as were coming in the front door.

It seems there are always some who seem conceited about their own opinions, without reason or basis.  They looked down on everyone else who disagreed with them.  There is an absence of any encouragement, comfort, fellowship in the Spirit, or tenderness and compassion.  Humility is a concern for the advancement of others.  True humility is having the proper perspective of ourselves.  A humble person is always seeking the good of other people.  How would you rate the humility of most politicians?

It is hard for many to understand but business today is much different than it was a number of years ago.  When I came to Las Vegas in 1974 as a store manager we had 52 department managers.  Most were sales managers and others non-sales.  Each month we had huge binders and we had to count and order every item listed.  A few years later we went to computerize cash registers and they would keep track of what was sold and reordering was automatic.  When I left in 1987 we were able to run the store with just 14 department managers.  Yet, we had hired many more to provide better sales and customer service.  Things are changing every year yet; politicians do little about out-of-date regulations, policies and laws.

When I started my business most everything was done by phone.  By 1995 most was done by computers.  Previously, it would take me all day to provide statements for 25 people.  Now it can be done in two hours for more than a hundred.  To get where we are today, some 38 years later, it took individuals willing to take risks and develop new ways of doing business. Americans must stay creative and competitive.  And individuals must be encouraged to continue taking risks if we want to further develop ways of doing business or in improving, for example, health practices, pharmaceuticals and equipment.

I believe we were created by God with a desire to help others.  Some become so evil thinking that they are not concerned about anyone but themselves.  I grew up when help came from neighbors and the church.  Many no longer want to accept the responsibility for others yet, they have that desire within that they want the needs of the less fortunate taken care of but they want the government to do it not themselves.  Some older parents had to move in with their children.  How would that work today?  This is not only America, it is globally.   Have we gotten to where we no longer want to share what we have earned?  That internal need to help others within us is there, most just don’t want to share what is theirs.  However, the Bible says we are to treat others as we would want to be treated.  That means we must be willing to give to others.

What were those described in the Bible willing to give up for their beliefs?

What are our armed forces willing to give up for the protection of our country?

What are you willing to give up for the benefit of our city, state or nation and to others?

The attitude of many Americans is that there is nothing they are willing to give up freely.  The government owes me!  Is our nation headed in the right direction? Some will vote based on facts and others on emotions.   Depending on your background, beliefs and whether you are receiving government aid that is who you will probably vote for.  But when you vote take into consideration the government can only do so much.  Don’t expect from them what you can provide for yourself.   Christians, we must stop being self-serving and become Christ-serving.

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