Preparing For A One-World Government How Evil Are The Internet, TV And Movies?

In the past two months I have had hits from 71 different nations receiving my bi-weekly blogs.  Some countries I have never heard of before.  I had no idea of the outreach my writings would go.  We have had over 6,000 years of recorded history and why did it take so long for computers and the Internet to be discovered?  We think of our latest technology inventions over the past fifty years as being so necessary that if they were taken away it would shut down the global economy.

In 1900s the majority of workers were on the farm.  It took six people to do an average task.  Today it takes one to do the same job because of the modernization of machinery.  In the 1960s it use to take 50 people for us to take a merchandise inventory done manually in an average national chain store.  Today, less than ten people can do the same job in about half the time with wands and hand-held computing.  Why has it taken so long to learn how to build equipment to improve productivity in every work area?  Are we more intelligent today than they were 1000s of years ago?  Or, could it be that God held back technology development because it would lead to the world’s moral destruction.  Could this have been the downfall of those living in Noah’s time whom the flood destroyed?  Were they too intelligent for their own good?  Maybe we are being set up for a one-world government as described in Revelations.

We have men in power in most every nation, including the United States, who are doing everything possible to prepare for a one-world government.  This could never have been a possibility without the development of the Internet.  There is no longer any need to go to a bank or write a check.  Within a short period of time there will be no need for money.  All buying and selling can be done over the Internet and at anywhere in the world because of it reaching world-wide.  The dollar will no longer be the world’s trading currency.  It is just a matter of time.

On my e-mail site it gives a list of different sites available.  I can click on one and get YouTube.  I went to that site and it offered a number of sites that were very suggestive.  Anyone at any age, living in any country, could easily watch what was available.  We are corrupting the morality of people of all ages everywhere.  Whatever one wants to watch it seems to be available.  With the cruelty shown in games, on TV, in movies and in books it is causing a world’s society to become numb to violence. It is almost seen as acceptable if you can get away with crime.  But are we not entering the end of time as the Bible says we would and that we would be able to tell by the signs?  Can you not see the signs?

The sixth chapter of Revelation predicts there will come a time when the world will be faced with starvation, famine, sickness and economic disaster.  There will be sickness that antibiotics and drugs will not prevent.  Bacteria can infect people with hundreds of diseases and there are chemical agents that could destroy the entire population. There was a time in history that typhus killed over 200 million people over a short period.

It is anticipated that there will be evil rulers with no conscience, who use their power to destroy those considered their enemies.  I believe God is allowing an example as we witnessed this past year and currently in Syria rulers who could do anything one could imagine to stay in power.  If you want to see what an evil leader can do watch today’s TV news.

There will come a time when we will witness global disasters.  Volcanoes will erupt and the earth will shake.  Isaiah wrote in 24:19 – “The earth is broken up, the earth is split asunder, the earth is violently shaken.” (NIT) On December 28, 2004 the U. S. geological Survey reported that the island of Sumatra shifted to the southwest 120 feet as a result of a 9.0 earthquake.  Yahoo news reported the December 28 earthquake made the earth wobble on its axis and permanently altered the regional map.   That earthquake was equal to 23,000 atomic bombs the size dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.   December 16, 1811 islands in the Mississippi actually sank.  Theologians predict that the earthquake Revelation describes is far greater than the 9.0.  Some wonder if these gigantic earthquakes predicted could shake the earth back on its axis to where it was before the flood when people lived almost 1000 years.

Then comes panic!  People lose all hope and can find no place to hide.  Lawlessness will be evident in every country on earth.  Those who thought they were safe could find no place to hide.  It will be amazing that after all of these events there will be a number of people who still will not fear God.  Like the Egyptians in Moses times they will have hearts as hard as shoe leather and not penetrable by the Holy Spirit. How much of this was partly caused by what they have been watching on the Internet, TV and movies?

It is believed, when we hope the church is raptured, a radical ideology or theology will change the world when all restraints are removed and fanatical teachers spread their beliefs.  A worldwide anti-God movement will exist.  This will include the continual teachings of evolution, situation ethics (no absolute rules), moral freedom and self-sufficiency (man is not accountable to anyone), sexual permissiveness (everything is acceptable), and death education (there is no life after death).   How much of this will be emphasized as a result of the Internet?  For everything positive that the Internet provides there is a ton of potential for evil.  But how else was Satan to deceive the world without having the availability of the Internet, TVs and movies to spout his deception and evilness?  How long would the world have lasted if all of these inventions occurred 1800 years ago?  Are they truly the blessing that most of us believe they were meant to be?  What are your thoughts?  Do you agree or disagree?

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