Listening To The Holy Spirit For Direction

As humans, we have a tendency to focus on ourselves and the world.  Shouldn’t we be concerned if our focus is not on Christ?  If you went to a doctor and discovered that you had cancer and six months to live would your focus change?  Yet too many Christians live as if they were immortal and would live forever. They believe that it will be possible to make the change when they get older.  But for now, they focus on self and their present wants and needs.

The most difficult time to focus on God is when we are extremely healthy and financially prosperous.  The important things in life become career, family and others.  When a person has health issues and/or are struggling financially they have more of a tendency to depend on God.  Study Jewish history and whenever they were prosperous and at peace they would begin turning from God.  When they were at war and struggling to stay alive they became very dependent upon God and worshipped as commanded.

God wants our focus on Him regardless of the situation we are in.  When we do, He promises peace and stability in our lives.  Without focusing on Christ we often do not have the confidence, security and a chance to reach our full potential to achieve and succeed.  The Holy Spirit will give us a purpose and direction in life.  Yet, many Christians have no idea who they are or what this life is all about.

We live in an electronic world.  The world has done everything to distract us from focusing on God.  Today there are cell phones, e-mail, Facebook, TV and numerous other things. Going to work we are listening to the radio or music and forget about praying silently or thinking about God.  We come home and too many turn on the TV.  We are more self-driven than most anytime in history.  Material things, keeping up with others and achieving success push us daily.  We must not be deceived by the Devil and the world.

It took many years before I learned to listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  As I pray and write many thoughts and ideas that I feel God wants me to learn come to mind.  Ask a number of ministers who preach hundreds of sermons and they will confirm that God leads them in preparation.  There are times when we may feel unworthy knowing that we do not have the insight or ability to prepare certain sermons or write Christian blogs.  Thoughts seem to appear all of a sudden.  I believe this guidance is something every Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit’s power, has available to them.

Revelation 12:9 tells us that Satan will deceive and lead the whole world astray.  We realize that Satan continually tries to interrupt God’s ministry but is limited by God as to what he can do.  I Peter 5:8 & 9 tells us that He is actively looking for people to accuse and attack.  He has deceived a lot of people into thinking self comes before everything else.

We are told that satanic forces look for Christians who are weak in faith and lack spiritual knowledge to reject Christ’s teachings.  Satan cannot be everywhere.  It is through his demons that his mission is to hinder in every way what God would like to see happen in the world.  We are told that in the end times we will be confronted by a beast, (Satan) who wants to be God, (the Antichrist) who wants to be Christ and, (a false prophet) who wants the power of the Holy Spirit to spread his religion.  We are warned in the New Testament that there is a powerful, evil spiritual army whose goal is to destroy the Jews and Christians.  We must also be very careful we are listening to the correct Spirit.  There are times when Satan tries to influence us.  It is important we recognize the difference.

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