TIM TEBOW –What Part Does Faith Play?

Denver wins another game in overtime this past Sunday.  Since Tebow became their quarterback they have won six straight games.   Some call their three overtime victories magical or miraculous.  Have you read a number of sports articles concerning the display of faith Tebow shows after touchdowns or winning games by kneeling for prayer or pointing heavenward?  Some call him, “The Mile High Messiah”.  Others call him names we won’t repeat.  Only Tiger Woods and Tim Tebow have polarized sports fans across the nation as loyal supporters or hecklers as these two have.  There are Tebow skeptics, doubters and those who do not believe he has the fundamental mechanics to be a NFL quarterback. They question his ability as a passer.   Yet, Denver just keeps winning.

Some believe winning is not about his ability but about his faith.  When interviewed he begins by praising God and Jesus Christ.  He may say: “Do you think God really cares about who wins a football game?”  It is just a game!  He proceeds to praise his team mates and that one person doesn’t win games.  He then may say: “If you believe, unbelievable things can be possible.”

I was a football, basketball and baseball coach in a Christian High School.  I used to tell our basketball team we always had an advantage.  There are six on our side and they only have five.  The sixth was the Holy Spirit as we all were followers of Christ.  Twice we won the state parochial championship in basketball.

I am a firm believer in having a positive mental mind-set and a strong faith ethic.  I believe God has given each and every one of us certain strengthens, talents and He expects us to use those gifts to the best of our abilities.  I believe the Holy Spirit, Who is in us, is there to help us do our best whether it is in sports, medicine, finance or any other areas of work.  However, I don’t think God takes sides, necessarily, to determine which team wins.  He may help us do our best but it is usually determined by who was most prepared and had the better game plan.  It also helps to have capable athletes at that time.  Yet, winning takes faith, persistency and believing.  Much of anything we do depends on how positive our attitude is.

Having a managerial background I’ve seen many different types of behaviors from everyone who has worked for me.  I am convinced that faith (confidence) and one’s attitude plays a huge role in people’s lives.  So much that I am a co-author of a book: “God and the Bottom Line”.  God did not create failures regardless of one’s abilities or talents.  It takes what we do as to how prosperous or how well we do in life.  For those who believe God is their Santa Claus usually end up never really reaching their full potential.  Preparation, hard work, persistency and a positive attitude gives the best chance for success.  One thing I have learned.  DO NOT IGNORE THE HOLY SPIRIT!  God gave His Spirit to help us have a better life.  Listen with spiritual ears as He guides and checks us throughout life.  You may be surprised what God has in store for you as long as you do your part.  When something really good happens in our life shouldn’t we thank and praise the Lord?  I support the testimony of Tim Tebow!

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  1. AMEN Don. We need a thousand of Tim Tebows in this world.

    Tim Clark


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