Why Did Adam And Eve Sin?

The following story could be fictional. It is based on Scripture that has been taken out of context.

Actually, there was a rebellion in heaven and one-third of the angels were kicked out for rebelling against God and His principles. In their own minds they too wanted to be a god. He then developed a plan to create individuals, who had the mind of Christ, allow them to witness and obtain rebellious hearts. He then would provide a way for them to repent and choose to become His sons and daughters and be with Him forever, under His rules in complete obedience and dependent upon Him. He wanted their love and acceptance after they had seen the other side of evil. If they first knew the potential horrors of living a sinful life, they then could appreciate a life without sin and with God’s protection.

God did not want robots. He wanted humans who could make decisions and be capable of choosing right from wrong. He wanted people who would strive for perfection, in His image, and worship Him. He created Adam and then Eve as Adam’s helper. He put them in a controlled environment, the Garden of Eden that would allow them to live forever with bodies that were imperishable. We will have bodies similar to the one’s Adam and Eve was given in order to live with Him in eternity as described in Scripture.

Now unfolds the story that I have thought about for many years. Adam and Eve were in the garden and they were naked and not ashamed. (Gen. 2:25) If they were created in the image of God they possibly had the mind of Christ and knew only good and not evil. Their relationship was plutonic as maybe a brother and sister. They were tempted and deceived by Satan to eat of the fruit that had been forbidden. They became ashamed and sewed fig leafs together for clothing and for the first time became afraid, particularly because they were naked, they hid. (3:10) – As a result of their sin, God told Eve: “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” (3:16) – To Adam He said the environment will be cursed and you will have to work for what you eat. (3:17) – And then you shall die.

Once Adam and Eve knew good and evil, Adam lay with his wife Eve and she became pregnant. (4:1) – I believe it was possible that Adam and Eve never had a physical relationship until after they knew good and evil. Is this why there will be no marriages in Heaven when we have the mind of Christ and no longer sin? However, when we rule with Jesus for a thousand years on this earth there will be children born. In those final days there will be another rebellion. Then later, there will be a new heaven and a new earth where we will live an abundant life throughout eternity as Adam and Eve could have lived in their controlled and not cursed environment, the Garden of Eden.

Did man’s self-centered nature have to exist to populate the world? Was this the price that had to be paid for mankind to be thoroughly tested and witness evil in order to choose to accept God? Then want to live for Him rather than rebel against Him as Satan and the fallen angels had? God created angels in His image and they rebelled. God created humans in His image, who He knew would rebel so they could willingly repent, chose Him and accept Him as their Lord.

The first population believed everything was acceptable and nothing was considered wrong. They became so evil in how they lived and treated each other that they had to be destroyed and were by a flood. From Noah on they continued living in sin but better. God decided to pick a man, Abraham and make Himself known to him. From Abraham came the nation of Israel. He explained through Moses and others how they were to live and gave them Ten Commandments to live by. However, their self-centered nature continually rebelled against God. His plan then was to send Jesus to show how a person should live a holy life, love and treat each other as they would want to be treated. Christ also taught us how to worship, pray to God and become like Him. What was permitted in man, his carnal, self-centered nature, on his own man could not control his lusts. Therefore, God sent His Spirit that He may live in the life of a believer to assist in self-control, give guidance and check a person from sinning.

God knew from the creation of Adam how it would all turn out. However, those who have lived through it all and have been tested, sinned and repented, will live with God forever and will find no need or desire to ever rebel as the angels did. This is why Adam and Eve sinned!

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