A Christian’s Advantage In The Workplace

In our book, “God and the Bottom Line”, Doug Lee and I wrote concerning what we experienced, as Christians, to help us be better employees, leaders and managers at work and elsewhere.  Doug relates his experiences as a professional basketball player with the New Jersey Nets, the Sacramento Kings and in Italy.  He also writes about his opportunities as a CEO for an international public company.  I write about what I observed as a store manager for Montgomery Ward having worked in nine different stores with thousands of employees.  We both have been on secular and church boards.

John 14:15 – 17 – “If you love me, keep my commands.  And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.”

Jesus tells us in these verses that Christians need an advocate and a helper because we cannot do many things on our own.  He tells us we have an advantage that the world does not have and that is the Holy Spirit.  If we have an advantage how do we apply it and how will the Holy Spirit make us any different at work, home, school or wherever?

Acts 1:4 – 8 tells us that once we receive the Holy Spirit we will receive power.  What is this power and how does the Spirit help us?

I was always aware of the Holy Spirit but never really understood how fully He worked in the life of a Christian.  God allowed me for nine years to be chairman of a relocation task force that opened my eyes.  We were responsible for purchasing 80 acres and overseeing the building of a 150,000 sq. ft. church.  Government red tape, impossible land problems and seeing supernatural acts of solving problems made me a believer that Christians, having the Holy Spirit, have an advantage.  You cannot imagine the number of doors that opened that we thought were locked shut forever.  Were it not for God’s intervention and the Holy Spirit I doubt if we could have been successful.  I saw a 470 church attendance grow to over 40,000 on special weekends.  Our vision and mission was changed to evangelize Las Vegas and beyond.  You have no idea the turmoil that it caused in a very traditional church in the very beginning and how we sensed Christ’s leading.

Doug and I have been members of a Men’s Bible study group meeting every Friday since 1999.  Doug would tell stories that he encountered on trips flying to Europe, Israel, China and situations at work.  A long time ago, we started calling an usual experience “A God Thing”.  Every day, my family and I look for situations that we believe we’re a result of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.

Talking to Christians over the years many do not recognize that it is the Holy Spirit that has made good things happened in their lives. Many believe they were just lucky or it was a coincident.  We consider every good thing that happens is a result of God’s goodness working through the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of our 249 page book is to make Christians aware of what the Holy Spirit wants to do in their lives.  We serve a good God and it is His desire to bless His children. He does it through the Holy Spirit.  He wants us to be confident, but humble, and to be content, filled with joy.  He wants us to recognize all of the good things He is doing for us.

The Holy Spirit is invisible and works behind the scenes to be our helper.  Do you believe that God would give us His Spirit and His power and then not do anything to help us?  How often when something good happens do you stop and thank God and the Holy Spirit?  May we assure you, the more you recognize the goodness of the Holy Spirit and thank Him, you will see more good things occur.

We try to share some of the supernatural events that have happened in our lives that we know was a result of the Holy Spirit.  It is our desire, in the book, to convince you that the Holy Spirit is looking out for you and will direct you in the direction God wants you to go.

If you will allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, He will help you to make right decisions, improve your productivity and improve your relationships with co-workers.  Let me share a previous writing: For those who are inclined to ask: “What good is an advantage that the Holy Spirit gives to Christians if it doesn’t translate into success every time?”  I offer the following rather homespun explanation.  The Christian who depends upon the Holy Spirit is sensitive to His leading and is like the athlete who listens to an experienced coach.  The coach can’t guarantee an athlete’s induction into the Hall of Fame, nor can he guarantee a gold medal for the athlete, but he can train him and teach him everything he knows, giving him every advantage, allowing him to consistently do his best.  The Christian advantage does not guarantee presidencies, chairmanships, wealth, achievement awards, fame or recognition, but it will lead the Christian into the direction that fulfills his God-given purpose.  What do you have to lose?  Instead of ignoring the Holy Spirit in your life allow Him to become your partner.

We have tried to give many reasons why God wants to help you be a more productive and a prosperous Christian.

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