Worst Hurricane Season In American History Possible… Revised

I was given a book: “As America has done to Israel” by J. P. McTernan and was asked to comment on it.  The theme of the book is that if you curse Israel you will be cursed.  One Scripture that is used is: Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”  The book goes on to state that every time an American president has asked Israel to give up their God-given land to the Palestinians for peace we have had a natural disaster occur on the same day or within days.  I write this understanding that most will not accept the evidence presented.  However, I have studied the Bible enough to believe there may be some merit to the author’s presentation.   Let’s see what you think!

The book goes back to Bible times and history shows that those cursing Israel ended in extremely bad shape.  So let me start with more current data starting with President George H. W. Bush.  On October 30, 1991 speaking at the Madrid Peace Process he made it very clear that Israel was required to surrender parts of the covenant land for peace.  On October 30 a ferocious storm smashed into New England.  It was called “The Perfect Storm”.  You may have read the book or saw the movie.  It created ocean waves of over 100 feet among the highest ever recorded.  President George H. W. owns a home on the East Coast at Kennebunkport, Maine that was heavily damaged.  Eyewitnesses said that waves as high as thirty feet rose from the ocean and smashed into the President’s seaside home.  What timing!  An extremely rare and powerful storm went one thousand miles in the wrong direction on the day he was speaking.

On August 24, 1992 the Madrid Peace Conference moved to Washington, D.C.  Our Sec. of State opened the conference by stating Israel’s occupied territories would be the focus of discussion. The purpose was to divide the land of Israel.  That very day Hurricane Andrew smashed into southern Florida.  It was the worst hurricane to hit America up to that time.  Winds may have reached 200 miles per hour.  President Bush’s popularity rating after the war was at 92% favorable.  By August 1992, less than a year later they had plummeted and he was headed for a re-election defeat.

On September 1, 1993 Israel agreed to surrender Gaza, Jericho and the rest of the West Bank to the Palestinians.  Palestinians were to recognize the state of Israel and live in peace.  They failed to agree on the handling of Jerusalem and the agreement was put off for two years.  At the same time Hurricane Emily hit the U.S. on the same day Israel was planning to surrender covenant land.

On January 16, 1994 President Clinton met with Syria’s dictator.  Syria agreed to peace with Israel if Israel would give up the Golan Heights covenant land.  The next day was a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Los Angeles area.  It caused 25 billion in damages.

On March 1, 1997 Yasser Arafat arrived in Washington.  Clinton welcomed Arafat and rebuked Israel.  On the same day powerful tornadoes devastated huge sections of the nation.  It was one of the worst tornado storms in the nation’s history.  Its devastation covered five states and also caused severe flooding.  It caused the worst flooding of the Red River in over a century.  During this same time from March 13 to April 13 the stock market tumbled 9.8%.  It is said that President Clinton stopped condemning Israel during this time and the stock market stabilized.

On January 21, 1998 Clinton met with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss a peace plan.  Clinton and Madeleine Albright refused to have lunch with him.  Shortly after the meeting ended, a sex scandal involving Clinton became headline news.

On September 24, 1998 Clinton met with Arafat and Netanyahu to discuss peace plans.  Clinton wanted Israel to surrender an additional 13 percent of its land.  On that same day Hurricane Georges was headed toward the Gulf of Mexico.  Headlines read: “Killer storm zeros in on Key West”.  On September 27, Sec. of State Albright met with Arafat to arrange for Israel to surrender that 13% of land.  On that same day Hurricane Georges slammed into the Gulf Coast with 110 mile winds with gusts to 175.  It caused severe flooding.  On September 28 Arafat left the U.S. and Hurricane Georges dissipated.

On October 15, 1998 Arafat and Netanyahu met in Maryland to focus on Israel giving up more covenant land.  On October 17 awesome rains and tornadoes hit eastern Texas.  Twenty inches of rain fell in one day.  The Guadalupe River which was normally 150 feet wide, swelled from three to five miles wide.  The powerful floods nearly swallowed up small towns.

On May 3, 1999 starting at 4:47 p.m. Central Time, the most powerful tornadoes ever to hit the U.S. fell on Oklahoma and Kansas.  Winds were measured at 316 mph, the fastest ever recorded.  There had never been an F-6 rated tornado before.  Tornadoes are usually several hundred yards wide and seldom last more than fifteen minutes.  They had never lasted for four hours.  Oklahoma said it was probably the worst storm to ever hit America.  At the same time the storm started, Arafat was scheduled to declare a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.  The very same day that President Clinton was encouraging Arafat about the Palestinian state he declared parts of America a disaster area from the worst tornadoes in history.

On September 1, 1999 Sec. Albright flew to the Middle East to start the agreement to give Israel’s covenant land to Palestine.  Hurricane Dennis came ashore at nearly the exact time Albright met in Israel.  The hurricane had been doing circles in the Atlantic Ocean until the meeting in Israel.  Two weeks later Hurricane Floyd hit North Carolina.  The storm killed over 100,000 hogs, 2.47 million chickens, 500,000 turkeys and a large number of horses and cattle.  It was the greatest disaster to North Carolina since the Civil War.

I am concerned with the way the Obama administration has been treating Israel.  On March 23, 2010 President Obama gave a very cool reception at the White House to Prime Minister Netanyahu.  On April 20th an explosion occurred aboard a drilling rig 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana killing eleven people and millions of barrels of oil continue to spurt out of the ocean floor. If this book is factual and these disasters are occurring as a result of our relationship with Israel, I wonder if President Obama made peace with Israel the following would not have happened.

As of August 25, 2011 relationships with Israel have not improved.  Look what we have gone through these past few months.  We have had abnormal tornadoes throughout the Midwest.  We have had some of the worst flooding in our countries history.  The East Coast has had an unusually hot summer.  The East has had an earthquake that shook things up damaging the Washington Monument.  Now we are waiting to see what is predicted as one of the worst hurricanes the East has had in many years.  We could also consider the draught that has paralyzed farming in parts of Texas.  Just in case the author was right, would you vote for President Obama to make peace with Israel and support them against their Muslim enemies?

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