How should you respond to problems?

Problems can be personal, such as addiction, abuse, fear, anxiety or depression. They can be dreaded or approached with a positive attitude. Some will try to ignore problems, run from them, take drugs or let them fester inside.  There are individuals who try to carry the world on their shoulders.  They worry about the problems in the Middle-East, North Africa and radioactivity coming from Japan. They are concerned that the stock market is going to crash; that banks are going to fail and they hide money under their mattress.  They fret about global warming and the protection of insects. Bring it on—so I have something to worry about!

People often deal with problems differently. Problems may be opportunities to some and challenges to others. The way we approach and handle problems can affect us physically.  God created us with certain chemicals in our system.  How we see life and how we deal with problems could affect our body’s cells and our potential health.  We can react positively, maintaining peace and joy in our hearts or negatively and get a migraine headache.

Two things stand out in Scripture: the importance of having joy and peace in one’s heart and soul.  It is thought that how we think and our attitudes
shape how we look and the age our body shows.  People who have joy and peace normally find life fun and enjoyable.  They laugh and are a pleasure to be around.  They enjoy relationships and see the good in others.  Life is not fearful and depressing.  Psalms 126:2 – “Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, ‘The LORD has done great things for them.’”

Dr. Charles Stanley preached on how to respond to problems.  Following are my notes.

The Bible tells us that God is interested in the problems of believers in Christ. Whatever problem we face He wants to help us solve it.  God is greater than any problem we have.  If we trust Him, He can get us through it. However, our first response must be to pray.  We are to ask that He show us the direction we should take and how we must react.  God may want us to seek out wise council.  Others may have faced the same situation and they can advise how they got through it.  Find someone you can trust who can keep it private.

God will provide a solution but we must be patient.  He doesn’t always answer immediately.  He may have allowed these certain problems to occur.  He states that we, as Christians, are predestined to become more and more like Christ.  Maybe we have a heart problem or an attitude that needs to be corrected.  What if every time we encountered a problem we were to ask: “God, what is it you want me to learn from this experience I have to face”?  Then believe He will take us through it for our own good.

God’s solution will require an act of faith.  Regardless what God directs us to do we must obey even if it doesn’t seem reasonable.  God had people doing things in the Bible that didn’t make sense.  Yet those who trusted Him saw miracles happen.  Are we really ready to trust Him?

God’s answer to our problem will always bring the best results.  If your child or loved one is having a serious problem, wouldn’t you give them the best advice?  Sometimes it may require tough love.  But, you would be there for them as God is there for us.

The important thing to remember is not how a problem might affect us but how we respond to it. Will I allow my self-centered, I can handle it mind-set, take over or allow my God, who loves me and wants what is best, help me face any and all problems? It shouldn’t be a hard choice!

God calls us to live holy lives.  If we live impure lives what happens?  We have no excuses.  God knowing the flesh is weak has given us the Holy Spirit to help each believer to have wisdom and the ability to reject temptation.  Most often, but not always, the more mature we become spiritually the less problems will affect our lives.   If I began having an unusual abundance of problems I would spend more time studying my Bible and praying.   I would think God was trying to get my attention or, He had something really great in the future that He was preparing me for.  Many times that has happened.

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