Merry Christmas

Thanks to Darryl & Bryan who help me post each week.  A Merry Christmas to all who read these Christian blogs.

The greatest gift anyone can receive is Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Having been in retail 29 years it is a time when most people are wanting special gifts.  However, Christmas is not about getting what we don’t have and want but about thanking God for what we do have and what He has given us.

Having spent four years in the service and being in foreign countries most Americans do not realize how blessed we are.  Too often our thoughts are on big homes, larger cars and more exotic vacations.  While some people are wondering what they might eat today.  We may be concerned about not spilling anything on the carpet and others have dirt floors.  My joy comes from my relationship with Christ and it is not about stuff!  We must get our eyes off of material items and focus on worshipping God.

Let’s all take a few minutes thanking God for what we have and not about what we would like to have.  Thinking positively is healthy and thinking negatively can be physically harmful.  Let’s keep Christmas about Jesus and not “overly” about gifts or gift giving!


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