All Christian Business People Are Not Unethical

As we get closer to the November 2nd election there seems to be a war against business. It is not just politicians but it seems that people no longer feel they are getting a fair deal. I read in the paper where the majority of people hate bankers. The National Chamber of Commerce is supposedly taking foreign money and using it to support the Republicans. There is no proof, just insinuations. If you follow the media you would think most business people are greedy crooks. It appears that politicians believe the same and they saw a need to legislate morality through added regulations. However, I see few examples where congress is personally setting ethical models for any of us to follow. What they have enacted will not solve morality problems; it will only motivate some to beat the system. Others will have to eat the added costs which could be in the billions.

“Religious leaders speak inadequately about business,” writes Professor Richard J. Goossen of Trinity Western University, “more so than almost anything else they preach on. Their professional vocabulary, for the most part, so misses the point that it is painful to listen to them. The alarming state of the church’s ability to be a relevant force influencing business can be summed up in a simple observation: we already see many signs of Christian businesspeople from every denomination rejecting religion and religion overwhelmingly rejecting businesspeople.”

Meeting with many people I get the impression they have a misconception about business and stereotype even Christian business people as not caring, will take advantage of the consumer and the business man or woman’s main concern is the all-mighty dollar.

I realize corporations are not beyond criticism. I have run into situations where it was quite evident the consumer had been taken advantage. However, it seems that many, whether it be educators, politicians, doctors, plumbers or others, no longer abide by Christian principles. Their sets of values are primarily based on “everyone’s doing it”. Too many Christians seem to be Christians on Sunday but it doesn’t last when they go to work on Monday. But that doesn’t mean all Christians do not practice the “Golden Rule”.

Many are calling out for a revival in the Christian community. They are saying culture has influenced the church rather than the church influencing the spirit and soul of man. It is their belief that until the church changes the hearts of people we will not change our culture or the way business is done. I believe many business people do things they know better but feel they must to remain competitive or make a profit. Each Sunday these people are sitting in church pews realizing that come Monday they must meet weekly payroll, resolve employee disputes and make sure they are meeting competition. These business people may have strong faith and believe God has a purpose in it all. They realize the Holy Spirit is with them and it turns hopeless looking situations into favorable ones.

Here is what Christians need to hear; they have an advantage in life. They must believe their advantage gives them a more likely chance to succeed than fail, but they should realize they have no guarantees. Many have established that the Holy Spirit comes into our lives when we receive Jesus. He helps us make wise, moral, and ethical decisions. He guides, supports, and directs as we learn to live as Christ lived. Do we consult Him as we would a flesh-and-blood partner? Or do we relegate Him to silent partner status? If I had a business partner who never consulted with me and did whatever he wanted, whenever he chose, I would think he didn’t want nor need my input and as soon as possible I would get out of the partnership. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit doesn’t give up on people who continually ignore Him.

Not everyone claiming to be a Christian has the advantage. Many believers desire to live as the world does and reject the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every facet of their lives. As a result, they deny the advantage they could have. Living a Holy Spirit–led life does not mean we can’t enjoy nice things, have nice homes, drive good cars, and treat our families to luxuries. It does mean allowing the Holy Spirit free rein to check our decisions and we are to pray continually for His assistance. Our self-centered natures and pride will always fight for control of our lives; therefore, we must decide: How much control are we willing to give the Holy Spirit? And is it fitting for our discussion, especially in business?

It is exciting to hear story after story where the Holy Spirit has allowed supernatural situations to occur in the lives of people. Many experiences are at work helping to solving problems or being more productive. Some would call them coincidences. And those who do not recognize the Holy Spirit’s intervention probably aren’t as lucky or blessed as those who recognize when the Holy Spirit assists.

Churches must preach and teach that Christians living for Christ have an advantage. They do not need to live and work as the world does. They need to establish their values based upon the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I have found that God’s way is so much easier and secure than the world’s ways. The Devil tempted and lured Adam and Eve into sin. He has never stopped. We must not be caught up in his web. Allow the Holy Spirit to completely change your life and have the faith to do everything God’s ways and using His values.

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