Can You Sell The Soul Of A Nation?

When we were still a Christian nation one of my required books to read for a literature class was “The Devil and Daniel Webster”. A farmer, Jabez Stone, had come upon hard times, probably similar to many today. He told his neighbors things were so bad that a man could sell his soul to the devil for better times. Shortly, a stranger, Mr. Scratch, (The Devil disguised) approached Mr. Stone and guaranteed him seven years of prosperity. At the end of those seven years Mr. Stone had to give his property to Mr. Scratch if his guarantee was fulfilled. Mr. Stone had seven unbelievable years and requested an extension of three more years. At the end of ten years Mr. Scratch wanted the property.

Farmer Stone hired Daniel Webster as his attorney. Before a judge and jury, selected by Mr. Scratch, the Devil, Daniel Webster gave such an elegant presentation that he convinced the jury and Mr. Stone won. The contract was destroyed and Mr. Stone kept his farm. It was a lesson teaching what not to do when you feel desperate and without hope.

Can a nation sell its soul for safety and prosperity? I sometimes wonder if there aren’t politicians who would sell their souls to become elected. The reason I wonder is because that question was asked on TV of politicians running for the first time for congress. The question: “Do you think you can stand up to party leaders who want you to sell your soul for the good of the party”? What politician would say: “No I would have to cave in”?

History could have told us a few years back that we were headed for a financial disaster when people were buying homes they could not afford and prices escalating to unrealistic levels. It seems we had about ten years of unusual prosperity and then the bubble burst. We didn’t learn from the 1989 real estate bubble, the technology bubble, the bubbles in Japan, the oil bubble and will we have another bubble, I believe, is coming in gold and other commodities?

A study of history tells us governments never seem to learn. Too many politicians believe they know better than history and that this time it will be different. We have had continual warning signs from European nations what would happen if our government over promised in wages, pensions and other benefits. We should have learned from others when it comes to socialize medicine and burdensome debt.

Over the years we have seen politicians willing to promise or do almost anything to become elected and then stay in power. I would like to think many just lack moral courage. Sometimes it appears they just lack the background and experience to adequately legislate. I finally have concluded their goal is to get elected, stay elected and use the power of their office for their personal benefit. Most of you know that Al Gore was worth one million when he ran against President Bush. It is now said that before his divorce he was worth $600 million. Of course, that is a result of discovering global warming.

If government is in the hands of politicians whose only concern is themselves can a nation become willing to sell its soul to the devil for prosperity? History tells us that may have happen with the Roman Empire, Germany under Hitler or Russia under Stalin.

We have a new group of politicians. Only time will tell if they are any different. If not, look for people to become restless very soon.

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