Did God Create Us To Fail?

If you have been reading my blogs since I began writing you know that I have been a high school coach, a supervisor for Birds Eye’s Frozen Foods, a Montgomery Ward store manager and an investment advisor. What God has done in my life can be done in most anyone’s life with much greater achievements. I believe in self-fulfilling prophecy. We can become what we want to be, very successful or even failing, depending on how we think of ourselves. When we think positive we can become highly motivated and more productive. If we think negative thoughts about ourselves we become less enthusiastic and block our full potential. In the work place, what people think of us and the impression we leave can affect others around us. If we are negative it can be difficult for others to work with us. In fact it can decrease their productivity. When we are positive most people want to be around us and be a part of our team.

Attitudes are not something we can teach they must be something we get from something or somebody. One’s attitude is a personal thing. It is how we see ourselves. Anytime you meet me my attitude is showing. Most of you may want to be around me if I am positive but if I am always negative you may have a tendency to skip seeing me.

How I look at life pretty much says who I am and what kind of an attitude I have. Do I always look at what’s wrong or do I see what’s right? Life has its negatives and its positives. If you have lived very long you realize that nothing is perfect. So from a realistic standpoint what is it that we dwell upon?

Our attitudes can change from time to time toward many things. There are some things we like and others we do not. I like banana nut muffins and my wife likes apple fritters. That doesn’t change our outlook on life.

I have written about the importance of feeling loved and accepted; feeling worthy and feeling we can be an achiever is important to having a positive attitude. I suppose my attitude was developed at an early age being very active in all sports. It made me acceptable to my peers, I felt others wanted me on their team and I was capable of helping my team. These are three things that God put in us as a basic need for a peaceful and joyful life. It’s a life that wants added responsibility and accountability and a belief that one could achieve.

However, the real change that took place in my life was when I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. It didn’t take me long to learn that God does not create failures. God had a plan for me and He wanted me to be successful. That didn’t mean I would have no failures in life because failing sometimes gives the experiences necessary to go on to greater things. I have read of many Christian businessmen who have failed, went into bankruptcy and came out as some of our countries most successful citizens. But they have what it seems so few have and that is a positive mind-set and a can do attitude. The reason so many are unwilling to accept more responsibilities is the fear that comes from the devil. Adam and Eve had no fear until the devil deceived them. The devil continues to deceive most of us.

You may have heard we physically become what we eat. How we think determines our health. Or, we become what we think about. We were created in God’s image. That tells me we have within us something that is powerful and normally untapped. When we accept Christ and receive the Holy Spirit and realize who created us that gives us tremendous potential. On top of that God promises to give us gifts. Then why can’t we think of ourselves in a positive way, yet with humility? Are we saying that God created us to fail? No! Failing can be a part of life for those who take risks. But making wrong decisions does not make us failures. Failure is only when we give up and we no longer keep trying.

We are all made differently. Some were created with certain abilities, some handicapped and most of us average. Each was given a purpose and a mission. God didn’t say let’s create another human today and watch them fail. He had the knowledge and ability to put the universe together; and He knew everyone of us prior to our birth. Then can’t He give each one of us a plan for our lives with the abilities to be successful?

May I suggest that you allow the Holy Spirit to direct your thinking toward positive thoughts and use the potential that God gave you. Normally, success does not come by luck but by preparation and believing. This is why faith in God and confidence in ourselves is so very important. We should all want what God created us to be.

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