Sure Way To Stop The Oil Leak In The Gulf

If President Obama asked the American people to pray at a specific day and time that God would intervene and either show us a way to stop the leak or through a miracle have it stopped. Do you believe God would answer our prayer? Is there any political leader who has the courage to have our country call on God?

If the governor of Louisiana were to make the suggestion what would America’s reaction be? Would it be political suicide for any politician to make that suggestion? Wouldn’t you think that a Christian nation would have already had a national day of prayer? Let’s assume that our politicians are more concerned about staying in power than putting America first. Where is America’s clergy? Why have they not been recommending prayer on a national basis? It may take more than one preacher asking his congregation to pray. I would suppose churches on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico would be praying. I have not read or heard of this happening. I suppose our liberal media would not believe it news worthy to report if churches were praying.

As a nation do we not believe that God is in control? Isn’t it possible that God allowed this disaster for a reason? Where is America’s faith in God? Isn’t this telling us an awful lot about the spiritual condition of America?

May I suggest that if our nation went to our knees and asked God to intervene in the oil spill He probably would give us a way to stop it. I doubt that He would use a miracle to plug it the minute we prayed. God wants people to accept Him on faith. An instant miracle would take away all doubt in many people’s minds that there is a God. But surely God knows how this can be stopped. So why aren’t we as a nation asking Him?

How many Christians when faced with a unique disaster tries to solve it and never even thinks of praying? I believe there could be a lesson in all of this. If God were interested in a spiritual revival He could use the stopping of the leak as a real motivator. However, it must start with us and through prayer. It seems to me that it has to be done on a national basis either through our political leaders or through a combination of Christian leaders. I have the faith to believe God would answer our prayer. But we must not delay! We must not sit on our hands and do nothing expecting a miracle.

Next, may I suggest that President Obama select two executives from six major companies that are now drilling in the Gulf to meet in the White House. They would develop solutions to capping the leak. We must provide a way for God to answer our prayers. I believe God would give this task force an answer to the problem. This is how He normally answers. Then the President could make sure the recommendations were carried out.

Second, I would suggest President Obama secretly call Prime Minister Netanyahu and tell Him we are going to start supporting Israel and mean it. (See my blog – “God must protect Israel”) At this point, Christians should continue to pray. Otherwise, this oil problem can affect our entire planet—meaning economy, jobs and everyone’s standard of living.

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  1. Ken

     /  June 17, 2010

    Yes as Christians we need to be on our knees in prayer and study and never give up!! However if you do the study on “Attributes Of The False Prophets, The False Prophet, and The Falling/Rebellion of The Gentiles/Church” I believe you will get and see the answer and what is coming and the end results will be because the end will still come. If you need a copy- request at .

  2. Darlene

     /  October 6, 2010

    @ Ken

    I sent you an email and requested a copy! Thank you 🙂


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