Life as we know it, is changing

According to Fortune Magazine, in 1927 a writer wrote about robots and this was thought of as science fiction. In the past few years advancements in computing and demand for ways to lower human costs have led to the development of robots. Today we have over 7,000 unmanned planes over Iraq and Afghanistan. On the ground we have 12,000 unmanned vehicles used to find roadside bombs and defuse them. According to the article these robots are like the Model T Ford, to cars or the Wright Brothers’ flights, compared to today’s planes. Unmanned planes were used in Haiti to take thousands of pictures to determine damages and locate the need for food, medicine and other products.

Can you imagine wars being fought behind television screens launching unmanned planes and deploying unmanned tanks? What will this do to future jobs? Could the young people playing war games on computers be the army of the future?

I just read in the paper the number of students who failed to finish high school nationally and in particular Las Vegas. Robots, computerizing machines and equipment will limit the number of unskilled jobs available. The fact is we have cars that park themselves. Will there be a time when we can eliminate the job of valets? In the future it may be that a worker could need a college degree, or at least additional education to obtain a skilled job or find a career opportunity. How far will technology advance and as it does lessen the need for unskilled manpower?

I have suggested in the past that we must pray for our children that God gives them a purpose and direction in their lives. Most of our young people have no idea what direction they should pursue in life. Parents, grandparents and our children must continually pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I don’t know who accumulates statistics or how accurate it is but I have read where Christian youngsters have had an advantage when there were prayers going up for them to find their purpose in life.

I do not want to get into what our children are being taught but if we are going to give them a future at least as good as we have had things must change. If we are to see America in the future as our forefathers intended with our constitution, we must pray that a spiritual revival spreads across our country and especially in Washington, D.C. A democracy or republic can only survive if its people live a moral and ethical life and live by the Golden Rule—“Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Romans 13:9) Please pray for a spiritual revival to sweep our nation. Pray for our school district!

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  1. Doug Lee

     /  March 15, 2010

    Thanks Don!!

    Our Children are looking for genuine love and like all of us they are not satisfied in the “instant Gratification” world that has come from years of sugar coating the truth!! We need to get back to what are founding father’s believed- In God and the power of Prayer!

    I work with our youth every week and they are very creative and insightful if we just take the time to listen and build into thier lives.

    While there are many factors that affect this, I believe with all my heart, as men, we have dropped the ball and need to be better Husbands, Fathers and friends !!

    Thier are so many Children without Fathers present in thier life! Oh – The joy that is being missed!

    If you want to truely see God’s work, look into the eyes of a child!!




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