How Do You Handle Severe Problems?

We are going through the greatest recession since the 1930s. People have lost their homes, their jobs, and many are having extreme financial problems. Add to that those having health problems or others who are facing divorce or relationship concerns. Could things get any worse?

The News media is telling us that Greece could be headed for bankruptcy. They then indicate that Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy could follow and possibly England. In the United States we hear rumors that if they are not bailed out the same would happen to California, New Jersey and New York. Socialist programs and strong unions demanding increasing costs for pension plans and health insurance, plus Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have put local, state and national governments owing more than they can afford. Can we not see that Satan or the Devil is relishing in the fact that he can bring the world to its knees? Bankrupt the world and people could turn to an Anti-Christ to save them. (Read Revelations) Satan could have the world where he could control it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if God were to put a spiritual fence around each Christian and a spiritual fence around our country? Then problems could not touch us. But we know He will not. He has allowed the world to be ruled by sin because that is how most people want it. We must ask ourselves if we are prepared to meet the future and if not, how do we prepare ourselves? The answer is in the Bible and the Word of God never changes. The Bible shares the history of God and how He created the universe and everything in it. It gives us a manual in how we should live. It tells us why He sent His Son so we could know the nature and character of God. He then placed His Spirit into each of us who would accept Him and Christ His Son. He told us there would be times of great stress and persecution and how to deal with it. We are told the world will be against God’s people. We are not to believe that the world wants to reward Christians. He gives us examples as to how the Apostles Peter, John and Paul were continually treated. If you have not had severe problems realize they are to be a part of life. Some disasters we will bring on ourselves and some will be brought on by others.

We have been living through a period of real excess. Very few any longer have to over work to make a living. Most jobs are computerized or have machinery doing the intensive labor. Our children in America have been given almost anything they want. What kind of children have we raised when we protect them from every problem imaginable? Ask a school teacher and they will point out the children who have been disciplined and those who have not. Is it unreasonable to believe that the world has gotten to the point that God needs to discipline and teach us to use more restraint in how we live and treat others? How better off spiritually and more trusting of God would we be to go through a global bankruptcy? Look at those who have lived through the great depression and were old enough to realize what was occurring. It changed their lives forever.

Remember how many started going to church just after September 11, 2001. How soon they forgot! But a world-wide financial meltdown would change the character and attitude for most for years to come. Chances are it would bring many to accept Christ, be born again, surrender and begin living a holy life. We must realize God is the only one and His Word can be trusted to get us out of the mess we could be in. If things get bad enough, maybe the world would do just like the Israelites did. They knew the only alternative they had was to pray to God to forgive them and intervene on their behalf. It may be time to prepare for some severe problems ahead. Get out the Bible and study so that no matter what happens we can trust God’s Word to get us through it.

Psalms 57:1 – 3 – “Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy! I look to you for protection. I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until the danger passes by. I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me. He will send help from heaven to rescue me, disgracing those who hound me.  My God will send forth his unfailing love and faithfulness.”

Can we not see the immediate need for prayer to change the hearts of people? Please pray to God that He intervenes and wakes up Christians to the situation that is at hand. It is my humble opinion that only God can make the difference, not politicians or those living as the world lives. If enough hearts are changed now through prayer maybe God would stop the severe problems that might be forthcoming. In my opinion a world crisis need not happen if we are willing to pray.

(If you are interested in praying to change peoples’ hearts go to your Facebook. Above, where it shows search, type in – 100 prayer warriors.)

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