Spiritual Revival – Wishful Thinking or Holy Spirit Inspired?

In Monday’s Feb. 1st blog, I shared my 1981 story that God would start a revival from Las Vegas that would spread across the country. This is the last place most anyone would ever expect anything spiritual could come from our city. My first reaction was: “Is this wishful thinking or is this Holy Spirit inspired?” It kind of started out as wishful thinking but a few years later it seemed to be more Holy Spirit inspired.

My next question has been that if this is really Holy Spirit inspired why would the Holy Spirit tell me and not others, or has He? For that, I have found no answer. When we were obtaining land and erecting our present church building there were times it seemed like doors had been shut and locked. It looked like there was no way we could break through even with a sledge hammer. There were times essential materials were needed and delays resulted. When these things happened I would tell Dick Shine or have someone call Mary Felgar and ask her and their group to begin praying about the situation. Shortly doors would open wide and we would walk on through or the materials would show up. It was amazing to watch God reacting to prayers throughout those nine years.

I have studied enough Old Testament to know that when the Israelites started worshipping idols and disobeying God bad things happened. They would be under devastating circumstances but would humbly fall to their knees, begging God to forgive them. God would intervene and take them back. He then would bless them and they once again would prosper as they obeyed His commands. At least for a time!

We have allowed a few, over the years, to change the direction of our schools, our justice system, our government and our nation’s morality. As a child I lived in an entirely different U.S. There is no comparison to what America is like today. The majority was honest, hardworking people who believed in living by the principles of God and Christ’s teaching. For those of you fifty and younger most likely have no idea what America use to be like. Again, studying Old Testament you will see the same thing often happen to the Israelites. They would get an immoral judge or king and the nation would spiritually decline over time. Disasters would occur and the people would go through times of great suffering. It was only when God would intervene would their nation change. I do not believe any of us, no matter how many, can change the direction our nation is headed. Yes, maybe politically but not morally. Town meetings, tea bag gatherings or choosing different politicians will not change the spirituality of America. The only choice I believe we have is to humble ourselves as Christians and ask God to intervene.

In my previous blog I suggested we do what John Wesley proposed. That was to get 100 surrendered and committed Christ praying to change the lives of people. The response I received was count me in. I then prayed: “God, where do we go from here?” Thus, I sought council and we decided on using a page on facebook asking if 100 prayer warriors would enlist to pray for a revival.

First, let us define, as we visualize it, a prayer warrior. It is a person who feels “called” by the Holy Spirit and will make praying an extremely high priority. We are asking that the person spend at least one hour per month praying that God will change the hearts of people and that thousands upon thousands will seek salvation. You may pray each day, 15 minutes a week or however you are led. If at any time you no longer feel led, we ask that you withdraw your name from the prayer warrior list. We are asking that the only thing we post on the site is personal testimonies, answers to prayers or a supernatural experience and we encourage it.

I have felt led to ask my grandson Bryan and his wife Whitney to administer and monitor and accept the responsibility, with me, to allow God to guide us in the direction we are to go. We will ask others to contribute input as led. From time to time we will post as the Holy Spirit leads regarding prayer. If people fail to post and we hear “A God Thing” story we will post it. Or, if a specific need arises we will share. But the subject will be about changed lives. Christians from any church anywhere may share how God is changing lives. We also solicit personal testimonies and ask they be brief. This is just the initial start and we will see where God may lead us.

We hope the Holy Spirit is “calling” you to be a prayer warrior. And, if you become one, the Devil will try to discourage every one of us. Count on it!

Let me share how you may get to the web site. Go to your personal Facebook. Above where it says search: type in – 100 prayer warriors. It will take you to the page where you may sign up. Then begin your commitment to pray for God to begin changing hearts of each person, who then should pray to change their families, then neighbors, next pray that our city will change and then our state. Finally, that Americans, everywhere, will put God first in their lives. Our ultimate prayer is that God will forgive us as a nation and change the spiritual direction of our country. If God isn’t in this, little will change. But we do know God loves and listens to His people and He is gracious, merciful and keeps His promises.

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