How Well Do You Know God?

This blog is the 85th posted. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit, twice a week, has inspired me to write. As I listen to four sermons each week, attend two Bible study classes, read Christian books, study the Bible and pray, things just pop into my mind to share with you. Some of you disagree with what I write and others feel helped. It is difficult to interpret the Bible so that we could all agree. My men’s Bible study find times we cannot agree and agree to not agree and go on. However, we do not disagree on the essentials. What I share are my personal beliefs so feel free to disagree. However, I appreciate you letting me know if something is helpful or you disagree. I will address your replies in future blogs.

It is fairly easy to determine how well we know God. How much time do we pray and study our Bible? A young athlete asked what it took to become really good. The response was: “How willing are you to really prepare? Do you want to play in the game or do you just want to sit on the bench?” Once they understand how much time and work is required to make the team, they are just willing to sit in the bleachers and watch. The same question could be asked of a Christian: “How well do you want to know God”? Do you really know Him? Do you have a personal relationship or just know about Him? The Devil will do anything to keep us from praying and reading our Bible. Do we have the spiritual discipline to develop a relationship with God?

If you do not really know God then it may be difficult to develop one’s faith, trust and to surrender your will, attitude and your spirit to God. Does our lack of faith, our trust and attitude block forming our relationship with God?

Previously I wrote that my grandfather and an aunt had a special relationship with God. Daily they fell to their knees and prayed. Throughout the day they communicated with God. They spent hours studying God’s Word. They allowed God to help them make decisions. When they encountered a problem they turned it over to God and let Him intervene for them. They did not seem to worry or let things upset them. Things just seemed to work out in their lives. I have spent many years as a Christian witnessing how God has helped others and the blessing He has given to our family and me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that whatever God promises will happen.

God has taught me through a variety of jobs how to manage my time in order to have time for study and prayer. His Word instructed me how to handle pressure. Using Biblical principles helped me become more productive. Could I have done it without the Holy Spirit? Probably not!

While Christ was eating with them He said: Acts 1:4 – 5 – “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” Could Christ’s three years of ministry be enough to have His disciples spread His message worldwide? Remember, they are the ones who scattered at the crucifixion and hid behind locked doors? We must learn the power available to us through the Holy Spirit within us. How could we possibly know, without studying the Bible, what God says we are capable of doing through His Spirit?

Are there not times we make poor decisions resulting in complete messes? Have you gotten yourself into financial messes or other serious problems? Do you fall to your knees and pray to a God you know about or a God with whom you have a personal relationship? Which God do you prefer sharing your problems with and ask for His intervention and know that He will respond? Do you pray to the one you know about or the one with whom you have a personal relationship? Do we really know what power is available to us through that relationship? Think preparation—spend time in prayer, Bible study and surrendering our self-centeredness. That is how we develop that personal relationship with God our Father.

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