Going Through Life’s Valleys

Turn on the news and you can witness the devastation in Haiti. Many do not have to hear it on the news to know that life can hand out some very terrifying situations in the life of a person. Pick up the paper and you can read about tragedy that people are constantly going through. As I wrote in my last blob everyone is looking for a reason. Why did God allow it to happen?

How we respond to any given situation tells us a lot about ourselves. Scripture tells us that God allows things to happen so that He can use us as His disciples. God has a plan for each one of us. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, how willing are we to be used? Are we more interested in our plan or in His?

As we study the Bible those dedicated most to God went through some terrifying circumstances. The Israelites, the prophets, judges, King David, Joseph to name a few who were mistreated, persecuted and faced death continually.

If we haven’t learned, we should have, that for every action or decision we make there is a reaction or a consequence. Most problems we face are results of our own decisions. God allows bad decisions to result in negative results that will help us learn a lesson that can help us in the future. I have told members of my family that if you are going through some trying times that you did not cause, God has something really great for you in the future. Why did Joseph who was hated by his brothers, sold as a slave, spent time in prison for something he did not do have to do those things? God was preparing him for something great in his future. How did Joseph respond through it all? He continued to worship God.

A number of very successful Christian business men went through bankruptcy. J.C. Penney was one of them. Many years ago the stores he founded were called the Golden Rule stores. It was only later that the name was changed to J.C. Penney. How else can God teach discipline, perseverance, faith and trust?

I have told you previously, as a store manager I have been cussed out and called every evil name imaginable because the freezer wouldn’t freeze and the washer wouldn’t wash. As I look back it may have been in preparation for my spending nine years as chairman of the relocation committee. Have you heard of churches being so enraged over the color of the carpet to be placed in the sanctuary that they split? Not everyone during those nine years were happy campers!

Maybe you have gone through, are going through or in the future will have some devastating times realize it may be that God has something great for your future. Maybe the more willing we are to be used the more problems we could encounter. Knowing that God is allowing it for a purpose, even though we do not know why, shouldn’t we go through it trusting God and realizing that He has a plan for each of us?

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