The Cinderella Story

Most of us know of a Cinderella story. Once upon a time, I knew a young lady, with a very limited chance of succeeding, actually far surpassing everyone’s expectations. At one of our stores we hired this lady in her thirties that had come out of a very abusive marriage. After a time she remarried and with her new husband and children moved to our city. We hired her to work in our shipping-receiving department. She was shy and had a somewhat shaky self-image. In spite of all this, she was hard working. It was her willingness to chip in wherever needed that caught my attention. I invited her to attend our weekly sales meetings. Attending the meetings meant that some of her work would pile up while she was absent, making her job harder. She was not ordered to attend, but by doing so she showed initiative

She began attending the meetings and as she learned, her enthusiasm grew. Then a suppressed personality began to emerge. Instead of being quiet and reserved, she became increasingly outgoing and self-confident. I promoted her to a full-time salesperson and she excelled in the job. Her industriousness had not lessened and now she had become gracious and helpful with customers. Rarely had I encountered someone changing so drastically. I was so impressed that I suggested that she take a commission job with the possibility of doubling her income. Her initial response was panic. She explained how she and her husband were struggling financially and she was in no position to take any financial risk. On commission, if you sold nothing you would receive about one-third of what she was making. One week without an adequate paycheck could result in a financial catastrophe. After a short period of time the teaching-nurturing training she had gone through was adequate for her to take this next step in her career. She accepted the job. Eighteen months later she was my top commission salesperson. Later I made her manager of our furniture department. She was my Cinderella lady. All of our staff saw where she had come from and what she had done for our store. Her success was challenging to others. The store was a relatively new store in a shopping center that had been very unprofitable when I arrived. When I left it was one of the most profitable small stores in our region. People can and do make a difference. Later this lady moved to Alaska. I was told she was managing one of the largest furniture stores in that state.

I tell this story because it was kind of what happened to me. I had no purpose in life and had no sense of direction. Then a miracle took place in my life after being discharged from the Navy. I accepted Christ as my Savior and received the Holy Spirit. My whole perspective and attitude changed. I now had purpose and a desire to improve my life by getting a Christian education. From the day I became a Christian I have been continually blessed. It may be that I accepted the promise that God wants us to be successful and achieve. When we realize that God adopts us into His family and He truly loves us and wants what is best for us, our whole demeanor can change. That doesn’t mean we can’t fail. Nor do hazards and setbacks need not overwhelm us. However, with the Holy Spirit’s help we can become a completely different person. We can go through life as a witness for Christ or we can be self-serving. Being a committed Christian means: regardless of what we are going through we can continue to remain positive and trusting. We can become more Christ-like in whatever we are doing. Do people look at us and see that we our giving 100% of what we are capable of doing in whatever situation we are involved? Christians, guided by the Holy Spirit, must be positive examples so that others can see Christ in us.

Do you want to become more successful and satisfied? Read the Bible and live as we are told to live. It is not that difficult if we are obedient and can follow directions. Or are we inclined to put something together on Christmas morning without reading what parts go where? Once we foul everything up and make a mess of it we then get out the directions. Too many Christians are not interested in following directions. They end up with the same results that they had putting toys together—a mess of their life. Get out the Bible—the manual for living. Your Father owns the world and you are a very important member of His family. He knows what is best for you and He personally has left you with instructions.

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