My Grace Is Sufficient!

It is sad, but countless Christians do not realize that they do not have to work their way to heaven. Don’t let legalism trap you into thinking that you are to have a performance-based relationship with God. I have seen a number of Christians wear themselves out trying to please God through works. Some have become so frustrated and discouraged that they stopped coming to church entirely.

Grace may be defined as God’s unearned favor. It seems like just before a president leaves office he will pardon a number of people. Assume a person was a murderer at age 18 and forty years later the president pardons him. The prisoner may have deserved death yet he was offered a pardon or grace. We all have sinned and our guilt could be punishable, at least by a spiritual death. But Jesus died that we might live eternally provided we accept Him into our hearts. Therefore, we can either accept the pardon, God’s grace to forgive us, or we can turn it down. Grace then is what God does for us that we cannot do for ourselves. So without God’s pardon or grace we would then be left to receive what we deserve as just punishment.

Accepting God’s grace and receiving His forgiveness is just the beginning. Once we have accepted God’s grace or pardon we are told to repent. We are to stop sinning and “strive” to live a life of perfection. No one but Christ has lived a perfect life but we are told to try. There is no excuse for not trying to become more Christ-like in how we live. We are not just to talk the talk but walk the walk.

How often have we met brilliant people who have been absolutely unable to comprehend or understand the meaning of grace? According to one survey, 40% of Christians throughout the U.S. believe they will get to heaven through good works. Why is it so hard to understand that we are saved by grace through faith? Many believe living a good moral life and helping others is all that is required to get to heaven. They do not realize that inwardly they may have a corrupt heart. Or, there are those who understand God’s grace but do not apply it to how they live.

How can we rid ourselves of past sins and guilt if we miss the meaning of God’s grace? Sin blocks man’s relationship with God. In fact, no one was able to enter heaven until Christ died on the cross and were redeemed through the forgiveness of their sins. Those who died previously went to paradise awaiting Christ’s resurrection to enter heaven.

As we go through life, problems will happen. We may wonder why God is allowing this to happen. There is always a reason. Without trials many Christians would never learn to trust or grow spiritually. We know that Paul had more crisis than most of us will ever have happen. He prayed repeatedly for God to heal him but God didn’t. II Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

What we are being told is that God’s grace helps us get through each day no matter what we may encounter. Regardless what obstacles we face or the problem people we meet or the many times we fail, God is there for us. He is there to heal us, to give us hope, gives us heavenly wisdom, faith and to meet our needs. How many of us feel we are not worthy to receive God’s grace? Stop! We can’t earn it; that is what God’s grace is all about. It is free and unearned. Don’t we wish we could love others as much as God loves us?

Again, it is not about how we feel it is all about what God promises and that we can count on. His forgiveness of our sins makes His grace available in our lives. Did something happen this past week that you are still dealing with? Shouldn’t it have been turned over to God so that you may see God’s grace in action?

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