GOD, “Why me”?

It is like our recent economy had a heart attack and required bypass surgery. The only good thing was as the patient lie on its death bed it didn’t die. But it is left with miserable situations for a while to come. If you are one going through rehab now, trying to survive, you may be asking the question: God, “Why me”?

Many have lost jobs or have gone through bankruptcy, had their homes foreclosed or possibly some other difficult circumstance happened. You may ask, “God what have I done to deserve this”? Is God punishing me for something I did? That may have been under the Old Testament. Under the New Covenant God only allows situations to occur mainly for our benefit. We read of God’s chosen people and the crisis they went through. Read about Joseph who spent years in prison for something he did not do. There is Job, Jeremiah, or Paul. The Apostles were all martyred for their witness that Christ was the Messiah. What happened to them was not punishment but illustrations that others may understand God and how He blesses.

This past week we had family members in the process of moving. They found a place that was being rehabbed and chose to lease for a year. Wednesday November 25th they went to pick up the keys prior to moving in Friday. The walk-through was unbelievable. The decorum really didn’t match and it was a mess. It was totally unacceptable and not what had been promised. They were in a dilemma. They have our cash and will they break the lease and give our money back? They had to move by November 30 and now no place to go. You would think believers, for many years, would not semi-panic and lose sleep Wednesday and Thanksgiving night until they could contact the owners. Those normal things go through their minds: God what caused this? Do we realize the stress and the abuse we place on our bodies when we go through trying circumstances not trusting God? Where is the peace and joy Paul wrote about as he was going through his difficulties?

Friday morning they went to a representative of the owner asking to break the lease and please return their money. They were told refunding money and breaking a least was unprecedented. It had never been done. They requested the Rep. to present their case to the owner. The Rep. returned and said I can’t believe it but they agreed to break the lease and refund your payment.

Of course, our entire family was aware of what was happening and were praying that God would work it out. When everyone was told what had happen, a member of our family immediately located another opportunity that was in a better area, a much improved situation and at a cheaper price. It was available and they could move in that day. As planned, Friday the move was made.

Those involved, now realizing all that had just happened, held hands and thanked God for His intervention. They are more aware that God allows things to happen so we can see His hand involved. It certainly improves our faith and especially our trust in Him. Scripture after Scripture tells no matter how difficult life became for those individuals, God knew every single detail that was going on. They ended up blessed beyond their wildest expectations. God is always in control. He knows each one of us. His Spirit is with us as believers every second. When tough times come we must ask, “God what am I to learn from this experience?” Then, expect Him to be with you through every decision that is made. When it is all over chances are your life will become better as a result of what you may have had to endure. Next time you may not ask: “God, why me?”

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