Is It Time To Step Up And Speak Up?

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Proverbs 29:2 – “When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan.” NLT

I normally would not get involved in politics but I am concerned that our deficit spending will put today’s children and grandchildren in an overwhelming debt. I am also disgusted with politicians assaulting our Christian values. As the above Scripture points out we must do more than just groan? I read an article by N. W. Hutchings and it has made me think: what is going on in America?

God ordained three institutions: the family, resulting from the marriage of a man and a woman. The government is established to maintain civil order, protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty and to provide a defense for the nation. The church was formed to proclaim the gospel and the message of salvation. It is my belief that each were to exist in order to perform their missions independently but for the benefit of everyone.

God did not form governments to provide homes for families. In 1938, a program called Fannie Mae was created in order to help those who had lost their homes during the great depression. Money came from all over the world to invest in Fannie Mae because interest rates for homes were exorbitant. In 1970, government added a new sub-housing program called Freddie Mac. Both programs were expanded by a Christian president Jimmy Carter. In 1999, the government removed almost all restraints on mortgages. Acorn literally forced banks to make sub-prime loans to many people who had no way of ever making their mortgage payments over a period of time. Hundreds of thousands of illegal residents were granted loans. Otherwise, Acorn would picket the bank. Is it Scriptural that governments were established to provide homes for families?

What does the Bible say about the family? The 2008 World Almanac states that over the past 17 years there have been approximately 80 million babies born. Fifty percent of those babies were from unwed mothers. In 1966, under the Great Society an entitlement program was initiated to provide each mother a check depending on the number of babies she had. We developed a Welfare Program that became out of control. Today, we have a drug problem and a general crime problem causing our prisons to be over run. Statistics indicate that approximately 80% of those involved are from single-family homes.

Is it any wonder that the government has been greatly responsible for destroying the family unit? Do we need to point out what the justice department’s function in our government has done to the spiritual authority of the church? It has caused a breakdown in morality, abortion, separation of church and state, whether a cross can be placed on a mountain miles from public access and hundreds of more restrictions.

How many churches are fulfilling its God-given function to proclaim the gospel and the message of salvation? I believe some religious leaders are more fearful of our government than they are of God.

I truly believe the only true hope that America has is a spiritual revival spread across our U.S.A. to the point that Americans vote into office godly politicians regardless of party. I believe what Proverbs 29:2 states: “When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice.” It can only come from the church, established by God, to provide man’s God-given right to be free and live in peace. As Christians we can no longer remain silent. Then maybe the family will become what God intended and the Government will accept its responsibilities and stop meddling into what the churches and the family priorities are.

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