A Christian’s Advantage

With the help of Doug Lee and Dick Shine we have a book being published the latter part of January. It points out the advantages we have as Christians. Dick and I have been elders, on the church board at Central Christian Church for many years. We worked on many things together and decided to share some of our experiences in the workplace. Doug and I have been in a weekly Bible study group since 1999. He has always wanted to share some Christian advantages he has had as a professional basketball player and as president of an international business here in Las Vegas. Dick was an engineer at the test site north of Las Vegas. Dick and his wife Carole owned for a number of years two Christian book stores here in town. For many years I was a store manager for Montgomery Ward. At one time, we were the second largest store in Las Vegas. We believe the Lord wants us to share with others the advantages we and others have had by being Christians. Too often we have heard Christians think it was a disadvantage to be a Christian in the workplace unless you were on staff at a church.

The opportunities for Christians are almost unlimited. We have felt led to point out what Scripture teaches about the blessing available to each believer. We came from God with a given purpose. It makes no difference who our parents are or how dysfunctional our lives may have been. God can create in us a new person with potential and abilities. Yet, the devil will continually try to deceive us in believing we are just too unworthy and will never amount to much.

Here are some examples similar to what is in the book. A Christian young lady in her last year of college is interning at a business here in town along with other college interns. Like many of us who live as Christ instructed, she is very responsible and has a servant’s heart. She was selected, out of the interns, to receive money toward her education and was given a two year work contract beginning once she graduates. She believes being a Christian was a definite advantage.

We do not know whether this story of being selected is a “God thing” and she was blessed; or, the fruits of the Spirit such as being kind, good, patient, having self-control and a positive, peaceful attitude was her advantage. All she knows is she was selected and believes it is God’s “will”. Seeing positive things happen in our Christian lives, we can think: wow, I am lucky or God had a part in it. Most Christians do not realize that Scripture tells us God wants to continually bless us. (See the “Beatitudes” & John 20:29)

A supervisor was having a horrible day. Everything that could go wrong was. She prayed: “Lord what is this all about? What am I to learn from this?” Later an employee asked her: “How can you stay so calm with all of these things happening around us?” She said this was the first time she was able to witness that it was the Holy Spirit who keeps her calm. The advantage was that she had put her trust in God and knew that He had a purpose for what was happening. What she learned: God wanted her to be His witness that day so He allowed chaos. It was her “trust in God” that she shared with the employee.

However, too many Christians never expect to be blessed or have an advantage and as a result do not recognize it when it happens. We want Christians to realize God is waiting to bless us. But first, we must learn to listen to the Holy Spirit that is placed within us to comfort, council and direct our lives. Blessings and advantages come to those Christians who put God first in their hearts and love others as themselves. Those who are Christians only on Sunday probably may not receive the advantages we are describing or the blessings that many see day-in-and-day-out!

Some of our future blogs will point out the advantages or the changes we must make to receive God’s blessing that will assure us of an advantage. When we hired employees there were certain attributes for which we looked. When hiring a supervisor, we expected much more than a general employee. We will share some of those requirements.

“God willing”, in the future we want to hear all of the Christian advantages you are having and pass them on. It may be that another book is possible. Having seen all of the supernatural things happen in my lifetime has given me a tremendous faith. We want others to increase their faith once they begin looking for the advantages that result from living a committed life for Christ. If you journal, write all of the advantages that occur or keep track of any supernatural event that you would like to share with others.

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  1. Lu Bowen

     /  October 12, 2009

    I liked this. In my life, God has blessed me in all situations. When I was hungry, He provided and taught me to appreciate any meal. When I was cold, I learned to appreciate warmth. When I had no family, I learned to cherish my own. Whether feast or famine, God is God and His blessings were abundant even if by worldly standards I looked hard pressed, “cursed” and or abandoned….my peace in Him was all that needed to shine and I was to share where my hope comes from. Thanks for reminding me of God’s activity in my life whether I was behind a corporate desk or changing a baby’s diaper or pulling weeds. God is God and He gets the glory.


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