One Bomb Could Destroy America

When you read all of the things I read in Monday’s IBD 9/21 you realize we are living in some very “scary” times. One Scud missile with a nuclear warhead could be fired from a ship off of our coast and blown up over America. Senator John Kyl, R. Arizona says if detonated at the right altitude, it would interact with the Earth’s atmosphere producing an electromagnetic pulse radiating to the surface at the speed of light. It would cause all technology to shut down. It would close all air and rail transportation. Farmers would not have fuel to produce and harvest products. Hospitals could not operate. Lack of producing electricity and gas would put us back at least 100 years. This would cause teenagers to panic; there would be no cell phones or telephones that would work. However, they may be pleased to know that schools would be closed for lack of electricity.

Put this information in the proper perspective. An Iranian mullah said their hope was to see a world without America and Zionism. Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at a “World without Zionism” conference in 2005, that goal was attainable and could be achieved. He also said they had a strategic “war preparation plan” for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization.

On July 2nd I wrote a blog on “Are we living in the end times?” I related where Iran and Russia, bitter enemies for centuries, have become allies for the first time in history. It has made me concerned. If you study Ezekiel chapters 36 through 39 it sounds like a war against Israel could breakout anytime. Should that happen, Scripture reads, no one will come to Israel’s rescue. Could that be a result of Iran having exploded a nuclear bomb on America before their attempted invasion of Israel? Or, a U.S. president who refuses to assist Israel?

The Review Journal paper stated that on Friday, the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah tens of thousands of protesters swarmed the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities turning out at their annual rally in support of the Palestinian cause and to denounce Israel. This year it was different. At the government sponsored annual anti-Israel day, thousands more Iranian Muslims, who have converted to Christianity and with tens of thousands of other Iranians, came to demonstrate against the government of President Mahmound Ahmadinejad. The protesters shouted, “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, I’ll sacrifice my life for Iran.”

Why do I sense this news is important? Is God intervening into Iran to slow down the potential threat of developing nuclear weapons? Will all of the anti-protesting coming from Iranians against their government have any influence on the “war preparation plans”? Are the last days that Scripture describes in Ezekiel being extended? If so, why? My hunch is that God will never let Israel or America be destroyed or the war to begin until He gives every human one last chance to accept Christ as their personal Savior. This would give reason to a spiritual revival that could happen universally at any time. I am persuaded that revival could very easily come out of Las Vegas, the last place on earth anyone would ever expect. God has most often done the unexpected. Wherever it starts is unimportant. That it happens is important and that we become a part of it. What really matters is that we recognize what is about to happen around us and drop to our knees in support of Christ’s command to witness to the world. While we are praying ask God to put a revival spirit in the heart of every Christian.

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