My Dream for Las Vegas

You may have heard it said that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. Well the secret is gradually getting out. Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing Christian communities in America. When you hear about Las Vegas you may associate it with “Sin City”. Before long my dream is that it will be known for its rapidly increasing spirituality.

I learned recently that Nevada is next to last in church attendance in America. But that does not mean spirituality is dead in Nevada. I have been a member of a church since 1981 when we had a week-end attendance of 400. We grew and started other churches. This past Easter that 400 saw 42,800 attend services in our three churches and our two satellites here in Las Vegas.

We believe God has given us a vision that he wants Christians everywhere to know that where sin may be the greatest, His power and His Spirit are even greater. And if Christianity can blossom in Las Vegas it can be done anywhere.

I just attended my 19th church board retreat where we try to determine what God’s vision for the coming years may be for our church. We believe God is calling us to spread His message globally. It’s hard to believe the number of doors and opportunities that are opening up to us. As I write this I am in “awe” of all of the supernatural events and signs that I have seen over the years.

It’s not about numbers. It is about individuals. When you see some who have participated in the most immoral areas of Las Vegas accept Christ and become “free”, you have to believe that God continues to care. You then see these individuals bring their friends and you see them converted and baptized. There is no greater excitement. This can be done everywhere.

Every Christian church has been given the great commission to evangelize. But not every church has made it their vision. This is the only difference I see between my present church and the eleven others where I have been a member. We preach the same essentials. We place the most emphasis on those who do not know God rather than on those who have been Christians for years. But if God called you to evangelize you would fit in extremely well. If the only time you get spiritually fed is when you come to church, you may find a more traditional church to your choosing. Both are needed and this is why we have a number of different denominations. We are not all alike and we have not all been given the same calling!!!

Christians, keep your eyes and ears tuned to Las Vegas. We believe God wants Las Vegas to be known for something other than “Sin City”. How about “Grace City”?

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