What Caused God To Flood The Earth During Noah’s Time?

No one has evidence as to the reason God decided to destroy all of earth’s population with the exception of Noah and his family other than the world was full of evil.  However, things are happening today that gives a possible motive. What I will be covering I imagine most of you have never heard about.  In fact the more secretive the better as some Satan inspired scientists aren’t ready to share what they propose.  What they plan to do is different from cloning.

It is believed that falling angels, “the sons of God”, from heaven came and changed the genes of humans and animals.  God had told Adam and Eve that if they ate of the tree they would die.  Possibly meaning if they had not eaten the fruit they could live forever.  We have scientists who believe they can change humans through genetic engineering by the applications of nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science and eliminate aging.  We have people studying the potential benefits and dangers that could overcome human limitations and how to overcome ethical concerns.

It is called “transhumanism” and it supports people and their children in having their minds, memories, physical appearance and stature’s modified.  If you want your son to play football a few changes in redoing his genes and he can become a giant.  Or would you like an eight foot plus agile basketball player?  The Old Testament says that divine men from heaven came and mated with earthly women and giants were produced.  Did they cause the world, under Satan’s direction, to become transhumanized, corrupt and changed the souls God intended men and women to have?

We also are led by mythology to believe that in some cases there were half men and half horse or half men and half goat.  Today we have sheep that have been cloned, food that has had its DNA changed.  It appears we have a number who believe neurotechnologies will become acceptable to society.  Won’t most want to change their appearance to that of a movie star, their memory and their bodies? Wouldn’t this create fear that some enhancements could create unfair physical or mental advantages to those who can afford the process against those who would refuse?

We realize that humans have continually tried to change their appearance and bodies through physical fitness programs.  Most try to change their minds through schooling and constant studying. Can we become transformed to the point we are no longer human by changing our DNA?  Would we as a society become more violent and have aggressive behaviors as possibly happened during Noah’s time?  Or is it possible that we could have complete control over our emotions, particularly jealousy and anger, which I doubt?

When I read that one scientist believed they could change one’s soul, I thought; this is something Christians would want to object, because it sounds more satanic than God’s recent gift for humans.  Do they believe they can make a person into their own god?  Would you have a world of arrogant people with little fear and complete confidence?  Do we just ignore what God has created and believe we can do a better job?  I vote no against transhumanism!

If it is possible to make human enhancements today, could this be what happened during Noah’s time and people had become so violent, without a God-given soul, that they had to be destroyed?  Does this sound like something God would have approved men of doing?  Then came the rainbow to assure us we would never have another flood. God knew in the future, the world ends before we need to be destroyed as a result of transhumanism.  Just in case, let’s make sure it’s progress is stopped. At least now you know about it.

Matthew 24:37 – ” As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

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