Time Magazine – “2045: The year man becomes immortal”

According to Business Week Magazine, just developed is a $700,000 machine that will map a few genomes, eradicate diseases and allow genes to be re-arranged.  The gene sequencers are headed to laboratories around the U.S. It is a machine that can analyze intricate changes that occur not just to the DNA but to other mechanisms in the body.    It allows scientists and doctors the ability to watch the body’s mechanism for decoding DNA.

According to Time Magazine, there are those who believe that: “We’re approaching a moment when computers will become intelligent, and not just intelligent but more intelligent than humans. When that happens, humanity — our bodies, our minds, our civilization — will be completely and irreversibly transformed. He believes that this moment is not only inevitable but imminent. According to his calculations, the end of human civilization as we know it is about 35 years away.”

We have genetic scientists who believe they can, in time, make man immortal.  They intend to change humans into something I do not believe God meant for us to be.  They believe they can alter a person’s DNA and can create a different form of life.  If this is approved is the cloning of humans next?  Who is behind this?

Genesis 6:1 – 8 – Prior to the flood, Satan sent his fallen angels to marry earthly women. (Not everyone believes this.)  He had decided to transform mankind into beings who would do his will rather than fulfill God’s plan for man.  They became Giants and wickedness spread across the world.  As a result of the evilness of humans, God believed it was necessary to flood the earth and start again.  He gave them 120 years to repent and change their ways. But, they only got worse.  There was only one man and his family who pleased God.  God gave Noah time to build the ark and the world, under Satan’s plan and power, would not repent.

When we read of genetic scientists planning to change the bodies of humans, it sounds to me as if Satan has a new plan.  He changed God’s plan for Adam and Eve and mankind.  Now it appears his plan is to change the world once again?  Do these scientists believe that God did not do a good job when He created man?  Do they actually believe they can improve on what God did?  Is Satan selling the same old lie over again?

How many people believe that scientists can give us eternal life with an immortal body?  Would this mean to the average non-believer there is no need to accept Christ who has promised an immortal body and eternal life with Him.  Would these scientists have us believe they could give us eternal life or at least another 900 years to live?  We could live hundreds of years before we need to become a believer.  If this were true we would no longer have to obey the commands of God.  Satan would convince most that they could submit to every lustful desire of the human body and live like they did pre-flood.  Jesus warned that in the last days people would live like they did during Noah’s and Lot’s time.  Look around, are we getting there?

Just like God saved Noah and his family from the flood, we as Christians, believe He will save us from the Tribulation that will come upon the world because of Satan’s influence over sinful man. The above is something to think about.

I am not against any improvements in modern medicine and the elimination of diseases.  I do have a problem with anyone who plans on changing what God created.  I don’t believe, in general, there is anything we can do to improve upon what God has made. If this could be done wouldn’t it be foretold somewhere in the Bible?  Since it isn’t, we probably shouldn’t be too concerned.  But then again, let’s not underestimate Satan.

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