Christ returns to judge each one of us—part two.

Revelation 20:13b – “each person was judged according to what he had done.”

Each day I wake up about 30 minutes before I need to get up. This past week I have been thinking about this verse: we will be judged by what we have done. It is only in the past few years that I have been able to understand how God would know everything thing we have ever said or done. This morning a number of things came to mind how this could occur.

As a child I lived on a very small farm with no electricity or running water and a wood burning stove. Today our office has motion detectors and cameras that are connected to our cell-phones. If someone goes into our office at any time, we can see who it is if we are hundreds of miles away. If I make a call to financial businesses they tell me I am being recorded. If I call a client they answer: “Hello, Don” because they can tell who is calling. What I can fantasize for the future I could never have done as a child with my limited background.

Let’s assume that as we were born and when our spirit entered our body it was miraculously connected to a computer in heaven the size of a pin head. It records everything we say and takes a picture of everything we do just as our cell-phones. I have heard people say they were in an accident and believed they were going to die and their life past before them. Would you like to be reminded of every bad thing you have ever done?

In our office we have a monitor that records everything the cameras pick up and indicates the exact time a certain thing happens. If we want to erase anything we can do so. A number of years ago every sale made from our Ward’s cash registers was recorded on a central computer and at the end of each day the tape was taken out and transmitted by wire to Chicago. They had a record of every item sold that day. From that information they re-supplied our inventory and kept tract of our sales. A week later we would take the tape and run it through a de-gauzer that erased everything on it.

Here is the point I want to make! When Christ says we will be forgiven of our sins, don’t you think they can be deleted and remembered no more? When we get to the Day of Judgment isn’t it possible that only the positives will be revealed for those members of God’s family? Let’s assume a person never accepted Christ as their Savior. Would you want to stand before Christ and see and hear every bad thing you have ever done? Then have Christ say: You are not a part of my family. You shall be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Let’s use the above concept. Everyone’s spirit is connected to God’s computer system. When we receive the Holy Spirit He acts to advise us what we are communicating to heaven. He realizes that all of the good we do will be sent to the “Book of Deeds”. He is continually encouraging us to be humble, love others, be kind and control negative emotions. He is looking out for our best interests. He knows the more good we do, the more at peace, the more joy and the more hope for eternity we will have. We must keep in mind that every minute He is there for us. Do we forget Him, do we ignore Him, do we reject His Guidance? When we realize how connected we are to God why do we fear? Why do we question when testing and trials occur in our lives? Aren’t we aware that our Father God is molding us, His children, because He has a plan for us?

When we feel lonely or unworthy accept the fact that we are connected to God who wants what’s best for us. We are not alone! We are not unworthy as none of God’s children are. If we are living according to the teachings of Christ we are achievers. Think on these things and see if your faith and your hope don’t improve.

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