GLOBAL WARMING – East coast be aware

The volcano in southern Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier sends more ash into the air – wreaking havoc on travelers across the globe. Is there any way we can put a cap and trade tax on any country that allows a volcano to erupt? This eruption is causing ice caps and glaciers to melt and it may cause the oceans to rise and wipe out coastal cities.

Do you think when God created the earth He allowed for volcanoes to erupt and carbon emissions to escape into the atmosphere that would cause global warming? I keep looking in Scripture where it tells us that humans must be concerned that we don’t destroy the earth that God created. If God is omniscient and knows all I wonder if He has a plan to keep man from destroying the earth? I wonder how familiar with the Bible are those telling us we need to raise gasoline taxes by 15 cents to keep us driving less and tax utilities so we must pay 30% more each month. The older we get the more cynical some of us become! Forgive me this one time! Back to normal Monday.

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