It Is No Longer Called An “ACT OF GOD”

This past week the East Coast was having a blizzard. It was snowing as much as 18 inches in some cities. It was probably difficult for the senators to get to the capital and vote on health care. Roads were in such shape that people could not get out shopping two of the biggest selling days prior to Christmas. Twenty-three of my years with Montgomery Ward were as a store manager. Unless you have been in the retail business you may not realize what the loss of these two days can mean to a store’s overall sales and equally to the nation’s economy

Up until two years ago we were having problems with global warming. Since many scientist have proven that the earth is actually cooling Al Gore has now started calling it climate change. I remember as a youngster if anything like a blizzard or lightning happened we called it an Act of God. If lightning hit your barn causing damage you filled a claim with your insurance company and it was called a result of an Act of God.

There was a time when most Americans believed God was in control and anything unusual that happened we believed it was the Lord who could keep it from snowing or He could let it snow. However, it occurred to me since the meeting in Copenhagen, where it was cold and snowing, and then the blizzard in Washington D. C. where congress, in my opinion is trying to bankrupt the country that, just maybe God is in control and He is sending a message. It is a message that many will ignore because they believe it is man that is causing all of the damage.

Throughout the Bible God warns man of what we should or should not do. But nowhere could I find that if we did not do a better job of taking care of the earth the poplar ice caps would melt and New York City would be under thirty feet of water. I believe most every responsible American citizen is concerned about being good stewards of our planet and not doing anything unnecessary to pollute the atmosphere or water.

If we are really concerned about our planet we need to do something about Iran and North Korea. They can cause more harm than climate change and have the potential to destroy whole countries. Yet, our protectors ignore a far greater challenge to America. But I suppose there is not as much money to be made protecting us as it will be if we change how we have done things for centuries to a way that we do not know will solve the problem. Remember how growing corn was going to solve our gasoline problem. The greatest result was the increased cost of corn. Who other than large companies that make windmills and solar panels or the government who plans to tax every American will really be the beneficiaries of global warming or now classified as climate change?

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